Friday, May 26, 2017

Off to the mountains

I know the problems we have been addressing on social media seem insurmountable but there are many of us. We work in small ways and these small acts of activism add.
Don't get discouraged.
Be proud of yourself for being brave and speaking/acting/daring.
It's a new world out there.
We're no longer handicapped by no access to media.
We are now the media.
Keep trucking fellow activists.
Ordinary citizens have power--if we decide we have power and if we work together to make our small powers add up to a mighty force for change.
I'm off to the mountains now. I'm pretty sure that summer will vanish before we even realize it so it's best to leave the work and go to the mountains to enjoy life.
The kings and queens in power are only transitory elements in our landscape. We're the ones who make them kings and queens. Now let's leave them to their junk for the weekend and go enjoy the world.
Life is more precious than I ever imagined.…/armen-gasparian.html

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