Thursday, May 11, 2017

off to the mountains (wilderness) Friday May 12-Sunday May 14, 2017

I am so sleepy but I can't get to sleep. I am listening to music.
Leonard Cohen - Closing Time
My brain is fried so I can't do the award application for Ruth Adria of the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society right now.
 Time is running out. My extended family is a giant sponge that sucks up all the time. Then there is Helva (my car).
it may be that I will spend my life occupied with small things.
Where was I? Once I was going to be a bigwig. But my grades weren't that great so I went to graduate school instead of doing what every Asian kid is supposed to do which is become a doctor. Nearly everyone I know has kids who have become doctors. I have become a stay at home mummy. It's troubling.
Younger boy is not interested in becoming a doctor. Older boy will not do it. So no one in my family is a doctor and dad is the only doctor in our lineage. Well there was my aunt in England but she is retired. Then my other aunt who was a doctor died. And so dad is the last practising doctor.
Where was I? Sleep. I ate blue cheese with my salad and then I had a cookie. I am still hungry. There is some cake and scones but I ate watermelon. Because I have been sitting in a chair in a room writing for years my body feels like sponge-that sponge that is sucking up all the family needs and extended family needs.
So this is why tomorrow I am going to the mountains. I think it will be good to walk about in the mountains. Only younger boy will be with us and as he walks fast, I will be like a spent balloon behind him walking up and down the trails. I don't think we will do anything exhausting.
Well I better go to bed. My head feels flat land.
Tomorrow I will put on another face and go out into the wilderness to seek what I have lost-my skinny self.
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