Friday, May 19, 2017

Off hiking

I have run away from home. We will go on a hike to Kananaskis country tomorrow. I have left the details to hubby to figure out. I have bought sun screen, bug repellent (2 types for the tick menace) and my hiking poles to use as weapons against the bears.
Younger boy searched for his hiking boots but they were nowhere to be found. As usual we only found out about this problem on the way out of the city. So we stopped at MEC in South Common. I had to print a map of South Common and get directions to figure out where it was. When we got there I got younger boy to try five different types of light hiking boots and got the best one for almost $160. It was very sad to pay that much for boots but he can't hike in his walking shoes that he used last week. When I have time I will look for the missing boots. It's possibly time to go through all the shoes in the house. Older boy is a boot fanatic and we have many dress boots that he has left for us to store. There are also shoes that do not fit younger boy as he is now giraffe size and his feet have grown since high school. In any case a major shoe review and clothes pruning will be done next week when I get back from hike # 2 and hike # 3 of the summer. Since this is a long weekend we may be able to do two hikes this weekend so long as I don't die on hike #2.
Before I left the city I had to get the Methotrexate injections for mum --from the dispensaries in Millwoods but it would only have got done by the afternoon so I had to leave it for pick up on Tuesday. I also have to take the prescription from the Glenrose Hospital visit that I forgot when I went to London Drugs this morning to pick up younger boy's meds. It's a whirl sometimes and I am obsessively writing things to be done in my journal so I don't forget. And I still forget.
Next week is busy as well and I won't think of the stuff I have to do. It's best to simply hike on weekends and not think of the laundry that I left in the dryer that I forgot about. When you travel why not be the fool playing the flute and dawdle through the journey.
I forgot to mention the journey. It was raining all the way to Red Deer. Then the sun came out. Right now clouds are like the cream on top of a mug of coffee except they are a hard gray color.

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