Monday, May 22, 2017

of retards and sewer rats--maybe all the political parties need to become more professional in their discourse? But who am I to tell the elite how to be in the world being one of the sewer rats that will vote Wildrose next time around but not if it is taken over by the retard calling PCs.

“Calling Albertans the r-word is totally unacceptable,” says MLA Sandra Jansen. “For Prab Gill to insult persons with disabilities and the voters of Alberta is not only disrespectful, it is beneath that of an elected official.”
EDMONTON – PC Leader Jason Kenney must address MLA Prab Gill’s recent comments about Albertans living with disabilities, starting by…
Leah McRorie Keri Gypsy McEachern twitter is alive & we are trending in ableg 😡
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Julie Ali Wow just wow. How unprofessional can you get? Its as bad as the Hoffman calling ordinary citizens sewer rats.
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