Tuesday, May 2, 2017

nominating Ruth Adria for the Alice Modin Award

Julie Ali
Just now
It is just one award nomination after another for Ruth Adria to do and heck where are the damn awards?
Julie Ali 1 min  ·  Now that supper is over the sun has decided to show his face. It's a bit too late I tell the ...
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Julie Ali
1 min

Now that supper is over the sun has decided to show his face. It's a bit too late I tell the sun and the tiny tissue of cloud that he is using to cover up his vital parts is very threadbare.
Tomorrow is another busy day and I have just found out older boy is sick far away. It's very maudlin. He's gone to bed early. He never goes to bed early and so he is really sick. With all the socializing he did while he was here in Edmonton it's probably the reason why he came down with a cold interacting with crowds of folks like he did. Hopefully he will recover without the tea and oregano drops that I forgot to give him.
I will check on him tomorrow by text or Skype.
Where was I? Yes the sun has come out. There are folks kicking a ball on the soccer field even though the field looks damp and the grass is ugly. All the trees are moving towards bumps on their branches. Younger boy still is not able to register in the class he needs and I can't pay for his NAIT stuff until he does register. He has not found a summer job. All he does is get up late and work on his animation stuff. He has to get going on the driving license that is also behind schedule. Most of my life is spent as a Blue Heeler dog moving children towards milestones that are sooo late. Older boy just got two years of driving done at 21 years of age and younger boy has no interest in driving at all.
I'd better go look at the Alice Modin Award for Ruth Adria now.
Minister’s Seniors Service Awards
Since 1998, the Minister’s Seniors Service Awards have recognized outstanding Albertans of any age who volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of seniors.
Alberta Seniors and Housing is pleased to be accepting nominations for the 2017 Minister’s Seniors Service Awards. Individuals and organizations are eligible.
This year, we are announcing the inaugural Alice Modin Award to recognize a senior who has provided long-term volunteer service to their community, promotes volunteerism, or whose volunteer efforts have had a provincial impact.
All nominees will be recognized at Community Celebrations to be held across Alberta during the summer. The Minister will select up to eight award recipients to be honoured at a special ceremony in the fall of 2017.
Guidelines for nominations:
There are three award categories:
Individual (any age including 65 years or older)
Alice Modin Award (20 years or more of volunteer service and 65 years or older)
Please complete the appropriate form, tear it off and provide it with the rest of your nomination package (letters, summary of volunteer activities and other materials).
The nominee must sign the nomination form. Without consent, the nominee cannot be considered for this award.
Print the nomination package and poster.
Email your questions to seniorsinformation@gov.ab.ca
The nomination deadline is May 19, 2017.
2016 Minister’s Seniors Service Awards
In 2016, Alberta Seniors and Housing received 63 nominations: 50 individuals and 13 organizations. All nominees were recognized at Community Celebrations held in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Whitecourt during Seniors' Week, June 6-12.
Each fall, award recipients are recognized at a ceremony and dinner at Government House. Seniors and Housing Minister Lori Sigurdson has selected the individuals and organizations that will be honoured this year based on the recommendations of a review panel comprised of ministry staff and chaired by Edmonton-Whitemud MLA Dr. Bob Turner. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!

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