Friday, May 26, 2017


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3 hrs
I found how to get back to my regular desktop from hubby. I had to log out and log in as not a guest. Who knew?
In any case, I had lunch which was warmed up pizza. The day has not been very productive but at least the laundry got done. The clothes are drying on the deck.
They come out looking stiff and prisoner like when they are all dried out but drying them on the line is best.
I am going out again to fill up the car so as to drive to Calgary for the weekend hiking. Younger boy thought I was under a temporary delusion with the hiking trips but was disabused of this matter when I told him to get ready for the trip. We might get back on Monday.
I've not been working hard on the investigations, the lawsuit and the Elder Advocates of Alberta work. It's best to simply do the little you can when you have the energy to do it and then nap.
I will go have a nap now.
Naps are like summer activities of blowing bubbles or drawing on sidewalks. It's essential.
You can't figure out the internal workings of the investigations until you actually get through the napping.

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