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Marcotte declined to be interviewed and directed Global News to Brookline Public Relations, which issued this statement in response to our inquiries: “We have listened to the concerns of the tenants and are actively revisiting options that are more suitable for everyone involved. All tenants have been notified of these timeline revisions and we are working together to offer a solution that is reasonable for everyone involved.”--In a letter to campers obtained by Global News, Marcotte says “we are moving away from year-to-year leasing and immediately implementing a 35-year term for all site[s]. The price per site will be $35,000+GST, plus estimated monthly operating costs….”------- A deposit of 10 per cent will be required by May 15, 2017 to secure your lot, with the balance due by June 1, 2017.”-----At a popular campground northwest of Edmonton, many families who would normally be setting up for the summer are instead scrambling to tear down their long-held sites. The new owner of Elks Beach Campground on Lac La Nonne, just south of Barrhead, recently surprised year-to-year leaseholders with an ultimatum: pay $35,000 for a 35-year term or vacate their lots by May 22.------

Mindboggling story. I don't know any families who have $1,000 stashed away for holidays this year much less $35,000 and yet this business man expects families to pony up this money to use his property. Wow. Only in Alberta.
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May 13, 2017 6:00 pm
Updated: May 13, 2017 7:34 pm

Campers northwest of Edmonton left scrambling after new owner issues ultimatum

WATCH: A battle is brewing between the new owners of a campsite northwest of edmonton and long-time campers. Julia Wong explains.
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At a popular campground northwest of Edmonton, many families who would normally be setting up for the summer are instead scrambling to tear down their long-held sites.
The new owner of Elks Beach Campground on Lac La Nonne, just south of Barrhead, recently surprised year-to-year leaseholders with an ultimatum: pay $35,000 for a 35-year term or vacate their lots by May 22.
“For that amount of money to be thrown out all at once, it’s a lot for people to handle. We can’t do it,” says Jennifer Camphuis, 27.
Camphuis has been going to Elks Beach since she was about five years old; she and her fiancé bought a trailer at the site five years ago. She said the new lease is hard to take in.
“When you have residents out here, older in their 70s, 80s, a lot of them are not going to want to sign a 35-year lease to stay.”
She says the timeframe to move out is unreasonable.

“It doesn’t give a lot of families a lot of time to pull everything out. A lot of us don’t have trucks, a lot of us don’t have working trailers that are even moveable. It’s displacing a lot of families, a lot of memories.”
Camphuis and several other campers tell Global News they put down a $400 deposit in October 2016 with the understanding the rest of the payment for a summer lease would be due this month.
However, the campsite was sold over the winter and the new owner, Calgary businessman Trent Marcotte, offered a different deal.
In a letter to campers obtained by Global News, Marcotte says “we are moving away from year-to-year leasing and immediately implementing a 35-year term for all site[s]. The price per site will be $35,000+GST, plus estimated monthly operating costs….”
“While we recognize that this is a significant upfront cost, it works out to $1,000 per year which, when compared to yearly seasonal sites in the area, we will be the lowest average yearly cost option on Lac La Nonne.… A deposit of 10 per cent will be required by May 15, 2017 to secure your lot, with the balance due by June 1, 2017.”
A second letter gives campers an extension to vacate their lots.
“I am providing some options based on the feedback I have received to extend the timing and offer a solution that is reasonable for everyone involved,” says the May 10 letter, signed by Marcotte. “I truly apologize for any undue stress this may have caused.”
The letter says campers have until June 11 to clear out, at no extra cost. After that, it will be $500 a month for each month up to Sept. 11; it is unclear what will happen after that date.
“It’s sad we even had to ask for [the extension],” says Janette Szucs of Edmonton, who started going to Elks Beach 36 years ago.
“Mom and dad first got a place out there… so when they came out, we started coming out. My three children are all grown and all have a place out here as well. We have three generations now plus they have their children.”
Szucs is upset about the lack of communication to campers, saying she only heard about the sale through Facebook. Unable to accept the new terms of the lease, her family is now working frantically to take apart everything they’ve accumulated on their lots over the decades.
“A lot of people, this was their retirement community. People were building because this is where they wanted to retire.
“It’s a very tight-knit community. We do a lot together. We do year-end suppers for all the campers. It’s a community and that’s the part people are really feeling disheartened about – our community, as we know it, is gone.”
Jason Lenz, president of the Elks Beach Campers’ Association, says many campers are choosing to leave and have already made arrangements elsewhere.
“It’s devastating because of the community out here. Everyone is separating. Everyone is leaving. Back home, I don’t really know my neighbours but out here, everyone chips in together. You know your neighbours, you visit, you socialize, you celebrate, you grieve together.”
Marcotte declined to be interviewed and directed Global News to Brookline Public Relations, which issued this statement in response to our inquiries: “We have listened to the concerns of the tenants and are actively revisiting options that are more suitable for everyone involved. All tenants have been notified of these timeline revisions and we are working together to offer a solution that is reasonable for everyone involved.”
No response was given to questions about the $35,000 payment option, the type of lease offered to residents or how Marcotte will respond to a cease and desist letter sent on behalf of the campers. Global News was referred back to the original statement.
Brookline did offer that any campers who choose to leave will receive a full refund of their deposits.
Lenz says he doesn’t feel confident Marcotte will reconsider the new terms and wishes the new owner had given campers more time to make a decision about their summer homes.
Service Alberta says anyone who feels they might have been a victim of unfair practices by a business can call its consumer line at 1-877-427-4088.

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Julie Ali · 

This is a pretty steep cost for families. If this practice is going on at other campgrounds I am curious where families will be able to camp. I'd say we social media this practice folks because soon only the very rich are going to be able to camp out with their kids. #SocialMediaChangesEverything #MediaAttention
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Kyle Schaus
Karma is going to be especially nasty to that kind of scum.
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Lisa Lee
Are they allowed to even do that?
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Sandra Dibb
This is unbelievably despicable and should be outlawed. What kind of evil, soul-less company/corporation/individual would do this kind of thing? It's unfathomable! Let's start a petition!
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Mike Haynes
I'd be seriously thinking about what other businesses this outfit and it's principals are involved in and decide whether or not I'd ever want to do business with them in their other businesses. Prepaying this lease at $35,000 is simply going to finance the next deal that this outfit wants to invest in and someone else is possibly going to suffer, in the result.
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Geo Kirk · 
Works at Job-Less

Stupid! Fight for what?
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Jason Markwart
Why not leave it as is @ $1000/annually. Nothing but greed here.
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Anton Walker · 

Omg $35,000+GST+annual expense. What's that make it about $45,000?

I think he is doing this so campers have no choice but to leave so he can build condos.
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Wayne Jackett
the best to happen to this jerk is to spread the word verbally (facebook & whatever else), that it is not worth the time or effort to use his facilities...........his pocket book will let him know how unfair he appears, especially by not givingthe present users any options within reasonable time.............WHAT a )INK...........
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Sherman Cardinal · 

I smell a CLASS ACTION lawsuit coming for this Calgary businessman douchbag. Slap him with a class action lawsuit for breach of lease contracts.
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Melodie Franko
This guy is a scam artist. He will collect the $35,000.00 and then turn around and sell the campground within the next 3 - 5 years. The new ownership will not have to honour any leases.
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Dave Barlass · 
Works at Self-Employed

Yes, existing leases would have to be honoured.
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Kim Beran Michaud · 

I have a trailer and I would not go here to camp after reading all this!!
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Terry Ted · 

Campers unite, suggest if you in a camp ground similar to this one engage now with the owners if they considering to sell give the current occupants a chance to purchase as a COOP
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Paul Bradley · 

Boycott the campground everywhere on the web just for being rude and so uncaring!
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Marilyn Marshall · 

You can purchase and own a campsite lot in Florida for that price......and whose to say he doesn't sell in a year or two and their goes your money, sounds like a scam and a quick get rich deal for the new owner
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Derek Winn · 

This really seems suspicious! Whats behind this "RV Sites Canada" - may not be so much a private interest - and since when is private interest take the initiuative to drive out RVers, all over the place, in a simillaer draconian fashion? People should be aware there is an international interest to drive out people from rural areas, including the family farm, that comes from the United Nations?
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Mark Burke · 
Owner at Admen

This has nothing to do with RV Sites Canada - they are not involved in this campground at all.
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Dave Barlass · 
Works at Self-Employed

Derek Winn: Take off your tinfoil hat and climb out of the basement. Where would you ever get such a stupid viewpoint? May I point out that smoking dope is not yet legalized.
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Derek Winn · 

Dave Barlass I don't smoke and YES you have to admit our freedoms are threatned like never before. Those who watch too much media become so "conditioned" that anything that resembles a point becomes pointless. Why are Landlords so hard on those that made them rich? Is this a "stupid" observation?
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Marva Coltman · 

Was Trent will to register "Live Estate to a max of 35yrs" for all parties on each lease? If so I believe this would then protect tenants from having to leave prior to the 35yrs.
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Cory Pradine
Welcome to the new reality. RV sales in Alberta is the highest percentage anywhere in North America! Which means more people to trying find camp spots each weekend or at at least a yearly spot to lease. In Southern Alberta and parts of BC, a company by the name of RV Sites Canada is buying up ALL the seasonal RV leasing spots and selling them based on a 35 year lease. Sound familiar? Not sure if this Trent Marcotte is the owner of RV Sites Canada or not, but they're forcing people who have leased for years to buy or join the thousands of other RVer's in Alberta to compete for weekend camping spots. It's already hard enough. I'm thinking of selling mine and get out while the gettins good
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Kathy-Anne Williamson · 

Ya thanks for the extension Trent. This place is a mud pit after you ripped up the roads. How are we to pull our trailers out? We can't even stay out the summer as you've so kindly granted us....because our lots are filled with mud!
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Dave White
I'm not sure if it is the same owner involved, but friends of ours in Strathmore had their campground purchased over the winter, and the EXACT same ridiculous ultimatum was issued to them and all their neighbours. They too opted to sell their trailer, and leave. Obviously this shyster has an ulterior motive, and is actively working to drive out current tenants.
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Russell Romick
Boycott them.
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Liz Smith
This exact same thing happened at Calderon Acres near Carsland. A lot of us have sold our trailers and are giving up camping all together as these crooks keep buying campgrounds and giving the same ultimatum! They then like to blame the previous owners for not telling us sooner! I wasn't looking for another campground for these people to do it to me again.
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Tyler Cunningham · 

I agree with some of the comments. To me it seems unreasonable terms were set knowing full well the majority could not a/o would not meet the terms. This allows for a future developement to the area. So many of these little parcels of paradise are being bought up and turned into resort style areas. It is business for profit. I feel bad for all the folks displaced and memories. I loved for a number of years not far from Lac La Nonne and remember going to visit friends there on the weekends. Truly a loss.
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Pamela Hewitt Murphy
Why is at all marcotte to blame?? The elms took your $400 deposit in the fall. Elms knew there were going to sell and still took your money. Why didn't they notify you???
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Pamela Hewitt Murphy
Auto correct 😡😡 elks
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Russell Romick
It is called unfair practices. To give so little notice with a huge increase is unforgivable. Doing it in stages would have been fair. Let all owners know of a rental.increase this year of maybe 10 to 20 percent then informing them that next year the lease terms would be set at 35000 is fair. Not this last minute b.s.. also think about this. They never notified everyone. But those tenants are still expected to pay it clear out. As Trump would say. Horrible, so Horrible, very unfair, so unfair.
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Russell Romick
Pull out and boycott.
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Greg Koehn · 

How rude to do this to people.
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Greg Silcox
This also happened at Calderon Acres and Golf Resort this year. It's now called Oasis Grove RV and Golf resort. We found out on Facebook Jan.13,2017 and if we didn't like the new 35,000.00 lease term we had to be out by May 1,2017. These people were also from Calgary. Seems like a group of people are going around and buying all the campgrounds up to do this with. Maybe it's time for the Alberta Govorment to step in.
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Carlene Warren · 

This is stupid, unfair & cruel. Shouldn't this fall under "rental properties"? If it does then he has to by law give 3 months written notice. Even if it doesn't he should have given them more time to move. It would have been the "human" thing to do!
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Greg Popove · 

Sounds like the new owner graduated Trump University.
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Claudia Simpson
It's too bad but really if you don't own this is always the risk.
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Lois White · 

Just terrible !!!!
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Ann Barbara
hope this campground never has a site rented or used for the next 35 years and the person who caused this sadness gets KARMA back for the rest of his life....
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Edward Horne · 

sumbag thief
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Tanya Socholotuik
It was a sad sight to see when driving through this park today. So many heartbroken, sad and angry faces. What this man did was horrible. Cruel really. Some of those people had been there many many many years. I am 33 and I was talking with a woman today who has had the same site for 32 years!!! And now being forced to leave. Her son had to drive all the way here from Vancouver Island to help them move everything because his father had a broken arm and needs help. That's just one of the sad and horrible stories. So many people's property is now ruined and had to be taken apart. Some people have no where's else to store their belongings and are literally screwed now because of this clown. I sincerely hope karma comes his way. I will never go out to this lake and will make sure my friends and family see this story before they decide to go camping and enjoy themselves. It will be at any other lake except this one now.
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Melodie Franko
Very sad.
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Julie Ali · 

I would suggest to folks to social media this article and any other campgrounds going through this transformation.
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Wendy Barry McLaughlin · 

So what happens if everyone were to pay this where is the guarantee he will still own it in 35 years or that he doesn't go bankrupt screwing over everyone who paid this. Sounds to me that this guy is a money grabbing ahole
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Karlene Belyk · 

Same thing happened to us at Calderon Acres now called Oasis Grove!! Treated everyone like crap and told us that maybe we could borrow the money from friends. Sad how little respect they had for the people who built that community.
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Kim Schifferns · 

I think he has other plans for this place and sent out unreasonable expectations in order to get everyone to clear out.
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Patrick O'Brien
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Theresa Sayer · 

He bought it and needs to pay off what he paid for it probably. Then he'll take the rest of the profits and invest in something else or bugger off and sell it to someone else
LikeReply10 hrs
Sandra Dibb
He would have likely just bought it on a mortgage basis, with a sizeable down payment. I detest these types of greedy, soul-less sheisters who have no regard for their fellow man! I hope he comes back as a dung beetle. Even that would be too goodfor him!
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Julie Ali · 

LikeReply3 mins
Melissa DiNicola · 

Crazy there should be government regulations for this kind of situation. Notice should have given a long time before the change over. Well all I can say is with the Alberta economy down the toilet, can't see many having 35 k laying around. Anyone who has money is not going to buy in a place like that they buy private cabins. The new owner is an idiot. Hope he looses in his new idea that screwed many!
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Alana Kornik · 

What a piece of garbage. Alberta's most hated scum lord???? I think he's just earned the title
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Dwight Wilkinson
We still have not received our letter.. but thanks to my in law's we found out about it too weeks ago.. I went in and pulled our travel trailer out .. my father inlaw did the same.we had to clear both of our lots...we have being lucky enough to sell some of the stuff off of our lots...but a lot of people are not so lucky and are lossing a lot of money, friends and a since of community. so here is the thing we lost our summer get away !
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Mal Esther
This is terrible!!! How can a human being do this to other human beings!!
There is an awesome resort up at Fawcett Lake. We unfortunately had to give up our lakeside lot this year so it is available! Email if you are interested. It is a fabulous lake and community!!
LikeReply123 hrsEdited
Chris Clarence Schell · 

We're there and although it's a lot further than lac la nonne it's clean and the lake is beautiful. The community is amazing
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Amanda Wilson · 

Trent Marcotte is a greedy rat that needs to be exterminated. He wants $35,000 up front but cannot guarantee that the camp will even be there in thirty five years. Sounds like a scam to me.
LikeReply18May 13, 2017 8:34pm
Mike Hunter
You're condoning murder???
LikeReply121 hrs
Amanda Wilson · 

Mike Hunter You take it liberally. What I mean is that people like this need to be put out of business. Read between the lines and don't jump to conclusions.
LikeReply119 hrs
Karen Smith
Amanda Wilson lol you mean literally
LikeReply111 hrs
Frank Primeau · 

Right the first time! Lol
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Linda Dawes-Martin · 

I forsee a very empty campground in the future......
UnlikeReply7May 13, 2017 8:30pm
Christy Hodgson Hinks · 

Me and my family spent 4 years out there. It is an absolute disgrace what this "man" is doing. However, This 'resort' is in complete disrepair. I don't know what else his options would be. There are so many units that are old and falling apart....however, they paid for their lots...they signed their lease...and it is unfair they're lease is not being honored for the year, to give people a chance to get their stuff out....I know someone that had 3 weeks notice to move an unmovable trailer and addition. The amount of stress this put on this family, and others, is inexcusable.
I sure hope this community is able to secure a lawyer who will help them.
LikeReply1May 13, 2017 7:16pm
Julie Ali · 

I hope so too.
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Jenelle Wells
The tenants have to clear their lots of everything before they are allegeable to get a cent of their deposit which is not the contract they signed with the Elks the last season. It was a rental deposit not a damage deposit since the Elks or Trent Marcotte didn't follow through with the terms then tenants should be given their deposits back no questions asked.
LikeReply12May 13, 2017 7:08pm
Lloyd Ryan · 

Hopefully Trent Marcotte will be bankrupt by the next time I read about this property. Hopefully everyone involved will tell you to shove your new "deal" up Uranus.
LikeReply19May 13, 2017 6:44pm
Shannan Thiessen ·

I bet he wants to chase them All out and build some lakefront playground for the wealthy. Too bad they didn't talk to lawyers as a group before agreeing to move out.
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