Monday, May 15, 2017

Laps -Monday May 15, 2017

Outside earthworms are making their way to the finales of every rainstorm and it was sad to see them swimming for their lives. What was more troubling than their swimming was trying to avoid stomping on them on the minute walk I did in preparation for the ordeal of the upcoming hike this weekend in Banff or at Lake Louise (whichever is less likely to have bears running after hikers).

The dam hike (#1) at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis Park was sufficient to convince me that if I do not do some walks before the hike # 2 I will expire on the next trip to the mountains. Hence, just before the day ended, I skulked around the neighbourhood with other doggie lead folks to do the walk. The worms were everywhere and the light was fading.
By the marsh, the latticework of the dead willows obscured the red winged blackbirds from view but I heard the males singing to their lady loves. Its the purest form of poetry to hear a red winged blackbird implore a drab female to his side. What the darling male bird with his red banded wings sees in the dull little female bird is beyond me. Meanwhile in some other parts of the marsh there was the regular touchdown of the ducks. I did not see the goose that patrols the area of the marsh and there was a glassy cover to the eye of the marsh that was like a door to another world. I don't know why we bother to paint when the world is best at the business.
In any case, it was worth it to go out in the rain to do the walk.
I have organized Ruth's application for tomorrow. I won't pick up mum tomorrow as she was doing my laundry while she was here and wishing to be with dad. I will leave her with dad and then if they want to go out later, I will take them out for a walk. I took mum on a tiny walk this morning while she was at my place and we only made it to my next door neighbour across the park way.
Both of them do not want to walk. Heck I did not want to walk but as I mentioned before the dam hike (hike #1 of 2017) was sufficient to remind me of near death experiences to get me out of the writing room and into the worm invested world.
Now it is late and I haven't taken my library book back to the library. It will have to be done tomorrow. Sue is taking dad to see Dr. Krysa tomorrow. I will concentrate on enriching Rebecca's brain tomorrow. I will put off the telly and let her paint. If she won't paint I will take her to the marsh and show the world divine.
There are many magical ways into the world and one of these is through the song of a red winged blackbird wooing his beloved in the darkness of the May night. Another is the simple weaving of webs in the mind. Then there is the flourishing tail of a May tree fluffed up with blooms.
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