Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Julie Ali By the way I do believe there is climate change but I do not believe that the climate leadership plan is helping us deal with climate change. It's simply a spin factory to buff up the smeared image of the oilsands and to get the Trudeau to approve of pipelines. It won't work and as such why should any thinking citizen support spin like this? It's not even intelligent spin.

This is where our tax dollars are going and for what? The Climate Change Political Cult is spending our money big time to bribe big business to comply with their faulty agenda.

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Edward Redshaw Our Premier made a convoluted mess of so many things starting on Day 1. She had a golden opportunity and blew it by right off the bat aggravating every voting group there was. Sad. Now the problem is who to replace her? The only Party which will be starting from scratch will be the Liberal Party. It will be interesting to see who the new leader will be and what their agenda will be. Both candidates have differing objectives.
Julie Ali The dumb climate leadership plan is just to get our money. The carbon tax is a greenwashing GST for no good reason.
Allan J Marter Ah, climate alarmists rare everywhere!
Arthur Dear By it's nature Facebook enables us to surround ourselves with like thinking friends and to receive news and viewpoints that we agree with or are interested in. Sociologists are studying this phenomena. The popular Term that has arisen describing this i...See More
Julie Ali The premier is self serving. I don't believe her climate change leadership plan. How the heck will putting in a carbon tax that returns money to most of us result in a change of behaviour? This is window dressing at its best. She gets to look like a le...See More
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Edward Redshaw Thank you Julie. Comments appreciated. So much financial game playing and smoke and mirrors. We need a government that will bring reality back to those who live in Rachel Notley's fantasyland and bring relief to those who need it most. Is there such an animal?
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Julie Ali Edward Redshaw Doubtful. It is not their money. Mr. Stelmach created the double headed health authority that is not necessary and we are stuck sending our tax dollars to this entity that gives almost a million dollars to their CEO. It's ridiculous. Then everyone says how great it is to have the Notley do the leadership business when we are being fooled by her. It's again so hard to believe.
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Arthur Dear Julie? " why are we subsidizing these projects?" Good question. However there are massive subsidies to the conventional energy sector; to conventional farming, to highways and transportation, to ----. On and on.
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Arthur Dear Would you agree with cancelling all government intervention and financial support for everything? Or just those things you do not like?
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Julie Ali Arthur Dear I support government intervention when it makes sense. Taxing us for a climate change policy that is baloney and then appeasing the masses with the return of the money is stupid governance.
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Julie Ali By the way I do believe there is climate change but I do not believe that the climate leadership plan is helping us deal with climate change. It's simply a spin factory to buff up the smeared image of the oilsands and to get the Trudeau to approve of pipelines. It won't work and as such why should any thinking citizen support spin like this? It's not even intelligent spin.
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Julie Ali Arthur Dear And so subsidizing the oil and gas industry makes it right to subsidize the green energy sector? Not in my book. We should not be subsidizing either industry and we should be getting value for our resource development.What we have had instead is greed, incompetence, self serving politicians from both the PCs and the NDPCs and this will probably keep on happening with the Wildrose. I see no reason to agree with any of this junk. The best way to disagree is to change the political party at every election so that we don't get the obscene indulgences of the PCs ever again.
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Arthur Dear Now we agree.
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Edward Redshaw Just some background information.
My first degree was a BSc Hons in Scientific Geography from Aberdeen University, Scotland.
My second degree was a Masters in Agriculture from IAIAS Turrialba, Costa Rica.

My third degree was a PhD. from University of Alberta, Canada.
For 20 years I was the Plant Physiologist and finally Director of the Alberta Soils and Feed Testing Laboratory.
So you see I also have a background in earth sciences and as a researcher I learned to think outside the "bubble" or the "box".
I am not saying that Workers Compensation for farmer workers is wrong. I am saying that the Premier did not consult appropriately with farmers before implementing this. Most independent thinkers do not appreciate stuff forced on them.
As regards Climate Change this has become big business. "Major players" follow the money. Do you really believe our oil industry would have jumped so readily on board without the major subsidies they are receiving". I was a researcher for many years both at University and in Government. It was always good thinking to jump on the band wagon to get funding in the publish or perish environment.
I don't know where yo got the impression that I suggested that the Premier was responsible for low oil prices. Those were the result of world oil producers playing the game of "chicken".
Final word on Climate Change is that it is not "man made". We contribute, of course, but it is not stoppable at this stage so we should all stop worrying about the future. Enjoy life while we are here. We are in more danger from a nuclear elimination than from some rising sea level, etc. Humans and other wildlife have adapted over time. Nothing is permanent.
Regarding Long-Term Care. The entire funding system requires a complete overhaul and Alberta Health Services could do with a staff reorganization and consolidation. Funding is drastically misallocated and the Health Minister has lost control.
Recently, through the Freedom of Information process I received 562 pages of AHS Committee Meetings minutes. Very revealing regarding the time spent on achieving little.
Of course we are still friends. It just amazes me to see how my fellow humans can be brainwashed into protesting in the streets about irrelevant stuff.
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Marguerite Redshaw I agree ☝️... Follow the 💰!!!
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Julie Ali The messes by the PCs are continued by the NDP and we are all sucked dry to the marrow. Meanwhile folks in the health care system say that there is no way to achieve an idealised continuing care system of the sort where folks with complex care problems are taken care of. Really? Give me a break. The elite get their complex care taken care of by the big dollars we pay out to them. Remember the Mayo Clinic debacle of the Capital Health CEO? This happy CEO was generous with our money and paid it back only when she was caught. We're all told we can't have the care our family members need but the elite sure get it don't they? All junk. http://www.cbc.ca/.../former-edmonton-health-ceo-repays... A former Alberta health official who signed off on private care for a colleague at public expense has repaid the money.

Former Capital Health COO Sheila Weatherill repaid Albertans $7,800. (Supplied)

Sheila Weatherill, the former Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton's Capital Health Region, has notified the province by letter that she will send it a cheque for $7,800.

The money will cover the funds paid for Michele Lahey, who was a Capital Health vice-president at the time, to get a second opinion on her cancer tests at the prestigious private Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in 2007.

A former Alberta health official who signed off on…

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