Thursday, May 25, 2017

ideas for change

The most important thing to remember is that each of us have ideas. If we all told our ideas and use our ideas we could change the world.
The ideas can be simple like how to make a geranium cutting become a new plant or harder like how to solve the problems in the child welfare system but we have ideas and we can pool them.
When we pool our ideas, the multiplication of ideas is very helpful to the world. My feeling is that the government at all levels is not able to generate ideas, much less good ideas. Why else do we now have more than 800 dead kids in the child welfare system in Alberta?
One idea that I have thought about for ages is the one stop shopping idea where we have all the supports and services for at risk folks. This is sort of what I saw when I took my mum for a knee replacement that we did not do. There was a place where everything appeared to be in place to do the knee replacement and folks did not have to go here and there; it was consolidated in one place.
Why can't we have such a system for children, youth and adults at risk? When anyone has mental health issues they should immediately be referred to this one stop shopping place. There should be integrated care teams present at the one stop shopping place. They would have the time, expertise and resources to help people rather than rush them through emergency to the ditch to die.
It's incredibly important that people who are unable to advocate for themselves have speedy access to such knowledgeable people. For the most part my experience with the system is that folks who are vulnerable will die without such specialized help or without a determined relentless advocate. The system is stupid. And the system is full of people who lack the skills that are required to help the most vulnerable people.
What makes the difference? We do. We offer our ideas. We pool them. We say them to the world. We act on our ideas. It is clear to me that we have to do the work that government is simply incapable of doing.
Government is too big, too unwieldy and it's unable to innovate. It has no good ideas. It's wasteful. It is costing us too much. And we're fed up of seeing the incredible lack of interest of the government folks to real human beings and their problems. We're all able to generate ideas. Let's make a world where our ideas are seeds that we plant and that we grow into a forest that provides us with a crop that all of us can eat.
Let us change the world.
Let us be the game players and the web creators.
Our ideas can do what government cannot ever do which is to make something new from tired flesh.
It's not going to happen with government. All they have are old ideas like the advocates who do nothing and cost us money. We need to generate the ideas that result in the changes we want.
How do we do this? We begin. My idea is the one stop shopping for at risk folks. It would have integrated care teams. There would be supports and services. We would provide folks with disabilities the integrated care plans that they need to survive. There would be continuous follow up. We'd have reporting done face to face. The generation of paper would not be sufficient; paper generation simply justifies the employment of the worker. What's needed is direct care, direct contact, investment and love.
It's not present now. But it could happen. If we want it.

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