Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hiking Trip #2 GRASSI LAKES TRAIL Beginner

Younger boy got up after 11:00 am. We staggered out to Helva after 12. We got gasoline at 12:15 pm and we entered Canmore some time after 1:30 pm. We travelled around lost in Canmore trying to find the hiking trail-head. Finally we stopped at the gas station and plugged in the possible destination into Helva and then our car took us up this trail to a place where there were a ton of cars. We found a tiny sign that said "Grassi Lake" which is where we were to be. We parked Helva in a swirling storm of dust as there was nowhere else to park and then in the smoking dust of many cars we walked to the beginning of the hike.
Because this was the May long weekend ten million families were on the trail. We all clogged the trail and went slowly up. I only made it to the first lake. I found a bench to sit on and so younger boy and hubby had to go on with me. I was sitting by a young man who had the bright idea to sell Popsicles to families; he sold all his Popsicles except for a couple of them. He had dragged the cooler with the Popsicles and water all the way from the higher up parking lot and believe me --he earned his small profits from the day's work.
It was nice to sit by the lake and be amazed by the mountains in Canmore.
Unlike the other places in the National Parks Canmore can be exploited by the business people who are now turning it into a sort of Jasper but without the restrictions of Jasper.
It's already over busy on the weekends.
 The town itself is pretty but I would not like to live in the town.
We will decide tomorrow if we will do another hike around Canmore or if we will join the faithful multitudes around Lake Louise.
The weather has finally turned summer. The armada of gray clouds that were with us all morning have capsized and now there are only waves of white over the sea of sky.
It was hard to find the Grassi Lakes Trail hike because we went through the major part of the town of Canmore. Next time we will simply avoid the town and turn off on exit 93 and see if we can get to the place without the circuit through the town.
The hike was pretty and doable even for someone out of shape like I am. For hike #2 of the summer it was a good choice. It took us about two hours to complete and we were home by 5:30 pm. I imagine that tomorrow's hike will be a bit longer so long as we get up before 9 am and get out to the mountains before the entire city of Calgary arrives at the hiking trailhead.
Slope Length3.8 KM
Canmore, Alberta
The perfect family hike! The trail winds past a waterfall where it eventually leads you to two majestic turquoise lakes. You can't miss the panoramic views of Canmore that surround you every step of the hike.
The trail has two routes. The easy route takes you up a gravel access road with a gentle rising slope to the lake. The difficult route takes you through the wooded trail out to the Grassi Lakes Waterfall (pictured above) before a steep accent to the lake. Grassi Lakes is also a popular rock climbing spot.
LOCATION: Trailhead begins on Spray Lakes Road, just 2 kms past the Nordic Centre on the left, down a hill.
DURATION: 1-2 hours
TRAIL REPORT: Alberta Parks Website
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