Monday, May 22, 2017

Going back home to Edmonton

Breakfast all done. Will fill the car and head back to Edmonton soon. For most of my life I have left the things I want to do for "later". But you know what? Later never comes.
This summer I am taking my younger son to hike every weekend in the mountains. We did do some hiking when older boy was home but not as often as this. When older boy left home to do his apprenticeship I realized that younger boy would leave as well. It's a salutary lesson. I am now doing things that I meant to do with him that I missed with older boy such as hiking every weekend.
In a summer of such hikes it adds up. Younger boy may never decide to do the hiking by himself. Or he might. Older boy does go out with his friends to tent it in the mountains. The beauty of our world is everywhere before us but until we leave the ordinary life behind we don't see the beauty.
The only bad thing I have noted about the mountain trips are these:
1) Dog owners leave their poopy bags at the trail points. If they take the trouble to bag the poop why not remove these bags from the park?
2) Toilets in the park are crammed.
3) Its all becoming so much more commercial rather than natural.
4) Canmore is being exploited to death and soon will be overbuilt if it is not overbuilt already.
5) Some of this stuff will be unaffordable to our kids as even tenting is expensive and hard to do now.
6) Too much use is hard on the natural park areas. I imagine only the hard hikes are relatively quiet as the easy and moderate ones are overfull of folks.
But all in all, a wonderful gift to all of us. It's also wise to remember that all this land doesn't belong to us--it's First Nations lands and we are the usurpers.

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