Monday, May 22, 2017

Garden news Monday May 22, 2017

While I was away the garden was minding its own business.
The scilla have broken out of the jail of their mud pot. In the barrels where I temporarily put the ferns there are now lush islands of fronds. The apple tree -neglected and hare gnawed upon is brimming with mirth now as blooms cascade from her laughing mouth.
Then one of the lilac bushes (one of the three that I planted) is muscularly blue while the pink one behind it is etiolated and longing for space. The third lilac appears to be gnawed on and dead.
Hubby -for whatever reasons men do these clean ups of the yard -decanted my cone flowers into the compost bins. I was annoyed but since the cone flowers don't usually survive, it may be he just decanted dust.
Dust is everywhere in the garden and there needs to be a winnowing done by me soon or the onion starts that plague the world will now devour whatever is left of my perennial garden. The ants are pushing up their factories among the Sedums and the daylily clumps and even the bowed heads and prayers of the Solomon's seals haven't been enough to end the plague of ants.
I dare not go near the crab apple tree where a new ant colony had been started up last summer. It was horrific. All around my poor rose bush.
This is what happens when you let the garden fight it out.
I will look at the scilla, the ants and the brutes of the daylily clumps this week. In between the extended family trips I will think about digging up the daylily clumps and putting them in the park. If the city of Edmonton doesn't make the ugly garden patches pretty I might as well do this for them.
Where was I in this post? While I was putting younger boy's orange rinds in the compost bin I spied the delicious cooling fans of the ferns. It felt like I had civilization for one second until I saw the hordes of onion starts marching over my sad kingdom of lost trees and militant daylily soldiers. But at least in this war the flags of the ferns are everywhere about declaring no combat zones.
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