Monday, May 8, 2017

following the money at the advocates offices --Post #1

I picked Rebecca up at 1:00 pm after dropping off the water (12 bottles of distilled water for the humdifier part of her BIPAP Machine).
We had mum as well so there were two of them watching a movie about a girl genius. Rebecca did a bit of art but not much.
Then I had to go to the Elder Advocates Working Group meeting for planning. We got the planning done for our work this year and I will have to plug away at it.
With the family commitments this work for the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society is very drawn out. My first priority is the award for the 2017 Minister's Seniors Service Award that I will tackle over this week.
When I got through the meeting, I had a pile of paper to deal with--some of which has to be laminated as future presentation material. If I don't get the papers laminated they fall apart.
I also am working on the banning business in between the regular work for the Elder Advocates Working group. Government has of course done nothing about the banning business. Sarah Hoffman passed the problem to the folks at AHS in the form of a directive when she should have put in the legislative amendment to the Trespass to Premises legislation allowing families the right to an independent appeal process but of course the NDP folks are just like the PCs in wanting a final hammer to use on families who are unwilling to shut up about care issues and non-compliances in the continuing care system in Alberta and the Trespass to Premises legislation is specifically designed as the perfect retribution tool.
Because government in Alberta does not serve us and certainly the NDP folks who knew about the retribution junk have completely betrayed us--we are on our own as families with these issues of retribution, eviction, lack of patient/resident visitation rights and the failures of the advocates to help us. We pay major money for the advocates in Alberta and for what? I guess they are the mapping folks who move families forward and why do we need a GPS system in Alberta Health when the folks at AHS are here for this purpose?
[PDF]HA Annual Report 2016 - Alberta Health Advocates…/HA%20Annual%20Repor…
Oct 1, 2016 - Alberta Health Advocate and Seniors' Advocate | 2015-2016 Annual Report. 3 ..... in the visitor restrictions being removed. In 2015-16, the Health Advocate ... the Continuing Care Visitation and Family Presence. Directive to ...
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If we follow the money in this game of advocates and moving families forward the amount of money we have wasted is incredible for no results.

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