Monday, May 8, 2017

failed governance by the PCs continued by the NDPCs

Julie Ali
Just now
PCs on their knees before big oil and the NDPCs on their bellies; meanwhile families suffer. Such junk.
Julie Ali  shared a memory. Just now  ·  The NDP folks we hired in the last provincial election have been such a dis...
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Julie Ali shared a memory.
Just now
The NDP folks we hired in the last provincial election have been such a disappointment. They fooled us. We believed they would provide effective governance especially in the area of vulnerable citizens and the oil/gas industry but instead we get the Tories in the strongest format of spin. The NDPCs fooled us once. The Wildrose will be elected in the next election -trust me. And the Wildrose will do the work that is required to help families like that of Diana Daunheimer. Families have been betrayed by the PCs who were on their knees before big oil. Why else was the energy regulator made immune from lawsuits? Why else were we not provided with information about the two spills per day? Why else are we not told how much water is used by fracking? Why no information on water on fire in Rosebud, Alberta as in the case of Jessica Ernst? Who does government serve?
Sarah Hoffman responds when H2S levels in Edmonton are 25 parts per billin (ppb) which exceeds Alberta'a levels for H2S at 10 ppb for an hour. What levels were the Daunheimers exposed to? According to Diana Duanheimer her family experienced these levels of exposure to H2S:
300ppm equals 300,000 ppb. Multiply that by our childrens breathing rate of 40 times, that would be 12,000,000 ppb.

The noxious smell associated with Gold Bar Park has long been a concern for area residents and park users, but new evidence suggests it isn't just…

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