Tuesday, May 2, 2017

---do not stay silent-----------#MediaAttention---#SocialMediaChangesEverything---Stephen Tucker added 5 new photos — with Genavieve Rideout and 2 others. 14 hrs · Mom is still at hospital in emergency everyone . Had meeting today at hospital and hoping she can stay there until an answer comes back on the other care home to get her in . If not we will have to get her set up in a apartment . No media has contacted us yet. So let's keep sharing how this care home abused my mom SHARE SHARE SHARE------

and I take my words
and put them in their places
I see the sky fill with stanzas
and the ground grow poetry
in every stem that is now rising
I see the world as a singing place
where we might thrive
and so let me begin
the work of singing
so that we might learn something

the words are given
and I am merely to channel them to you
and when you hear my words
do not stay silent
instead begin also to sing
we are changing the world
with our words
and our belief in each other
we are changing apathy into activism
and we do this every day

I take my words
and I throw them into the fertile soil
of the people    and I do not wait for the government
to do this farming
instead I rise up every day and I say
I keep working at the soil and the crop
that I give away
and you too
can be a farmer of the good Earth of activism
begin the work that is the work of all of us    and do not stop 


ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]


Mom is still at hospital in emergency everyone . Had meeting today at hospital and hoping she can stay there until an answer comes back on the other care home to get her in . If not we will have to get her set up in a apartment . No media has contacted us yet. So let's keep sharing how this care home abused my mom
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Willie Rice Shared again Steve, hope something good happens for your Mom and your family very soon.
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Stephen Tucker Me to Willy thanks
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Denise Norman Heart breaking
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Willie Rice Very much.
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Sherry Decker So sad! Enough to break your heart into!!!
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Alysa Fitz Shared
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Sasha Parsons Skinner Thinking about u Steve and your family what a sin hope everything works out for u
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Sasha Parsons Skinner I can't believe that some low life would do that to your mom hugs my friend
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Kimberly Fry Where is your mom steph?
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Stephen Tucker In hospital
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Stephen Tucker Grande prairie hospital
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Pansy Eveleigh Praying that everything works out for you guys.....
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Beverley Colson Praying hope everything works out for you and your family shared
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HaroldAudrey Sacrey I can't believe what I'm reading this is terrible how could someone do this to your mom. Thinking of you and your family. I hope everything works out for you.
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Rebecca Kay Rice This makes me so angry. Doing the likes of this to an innocent person. What hurts me the most is the fact that she can't tell you exactly what happened. Hope everything works out for you and your family!
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Barry Mclean I sent an email to Notley, and to Paula Edmonton Journal and also to Todd Loewen.
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Norma Miller No one deserves this done to them. How can someone be so cruel to an helpless lady. Life is so unfair...hugs to you and your family
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Dale Shea Sorry here that about your mom should be caught and poked away for the rest of their lives and not let out and throw away the key
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Kay Regular Should name the home that did this to your mom, may God bless
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Patsy Hynes What in the heck is wrong with Alberta / Edmonton / Grand Pairie and the care they have for chronic care people , this is ridiculous !!!
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Carl Osbourne the fuckn sonsa bitches getm stev
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Merdi Osbourne So sorry to hear this Steve Stephen Tucker..take care my friend..
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Fiona Genge So sad 😭
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George Coles So sad to see what was done to ur Mom.Publish the name of the Care Home she was in so we can get it out there on facebook
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Maureen Simpson YOU have to contact the media. Call your newspaper or TV station or both. These days it seems it's the only way to get things done. Set up a family spokesperson who can deal with the media interviews on your behalf. It doesn't have to be a family member. A lawyer would be a good choice... along with a family member.
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Julie Ali Why has the Grande Prairie newspaper not reported on this local issue?
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Maureen Simpson I don't know...I'm on Vancouver Island, so the story is obviously getting around...
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Wonnie Pride So sad to hear of such thing keep fighting for your mom Steven thoughts and prayers are with your family
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Shyma Lee To stop innocent people get abused in the care home they should have camera in the room I do not know why this have to happen people have no heart at all
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Marie Pinksen This is so sD ,,my heart breaks ,, this is so not call for , give out the home name ,,call the media, get on the ball with this issue , call the media now,,now .....
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Leona Stuckless So sorry anyone hurting ur Mom so defensive what a sin keep posting hope u gets all the help u need Hugs
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Anita Vincenzi I pray justice pervails the home needs to be shut down
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Wendy Noseworthy What a sin, these pictures are aweful she must be in a lot of pain.. My heart breaks for u guys ..
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Marg Rice Praying that all goes well for all of you Steve ...so sorry for all that your family is going through right now..Hugs.
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Carol Gardiner 1 (888) 357-9339 this is the # for the advocate services they look into senior abuse in funded facilities.
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Julie Ali The health advocates are pretty unproductive. They told our family when my sister was evicted and I was banned that there was nothing they could do for us. This is the truth. The government of Alberta has arranged the system with the Trespass to Premises legislation that allows banning to take place without any sort of appeal process. The PCs set this law up and the NDP continue with the law. Why? It's the way the system handles advocates who will not be silenced like Ruth Adria of the Elder Advocates of Alberta society. We pay for all these offices that are powerless to help us.
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Carol Gardiner There is also your ombudsman, and your mp's office. The wheels turn slowly but if enough of us continue the fight things will change. We all need to fight on the same fronts in order to take advantage of the power of numbers. Don't feel defeated be persistent. Stephen let us know who your mp and ombudsman are so that we can write letters on your behalf. If enough do so they will have to look into it.
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Julie Ali Carol Gardiner The ombudsman was consulted for Shauna McHarg's case and he agreed she was unfairly treated and you know what? Nothing was done. Poor Shauna went to the court to get the information about why she was banned and the court said that Covenant Health did not have to give her the information. The whole system is cover your butt and set up by the Tories to protect the government's lack of oversight and penalties for this junk. The NDP are no better and have done nothing despite yapping to the PCs about this stuff for decades. See Shauna's case here: http://elderadvocates.ca/shauna-mcharg-ban-continues/Shauna McHarg, ban continues.
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In a precedent-setting decision, Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench Justice ruled that the province’s…
Mildred Gillingham hope it all goes well,she can take that any more.
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Bonnie Jacobs What a sin, go after them and make them pay
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