Wednesday, May 3, 2017

corneal transplant tomorrow

Since I am a bit nervous about the eye operation tomorrow I will meditate on flow. Love flowing in and love flowing out. Dad is now 84 (I think) and he has had a quadruple bypass so he's not that healthy. In addition he refuses to stop working and is now doing three days of work per week as a doctor. On days when I am barely able to stagger out of bed to do the meals for the one boy left at home the ancient parent is slogging it out at the clinic with the grandchildren of his original patients.
Tomorrow is a bit creepy. I was phoned in the morning by Dr. Climenhaga's nurse about the cornea. It was going to be dropped off and she did not know when. Then in the afternoon I guess the cornea arrived and so I was given a time of 11 am at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Dad cannot eat or drink after midnight. This means he will be hungry tomorrow. I will be dropped off by hubby at the hospital with dad. Then there is a 7 hour wait in the hospital so I am packing snacks and water bottles. I will take a book of poems to read. Then there is the operation and then I will phone for a lift home.
Dad is old. He's not really wanting to do this operation but I am making him do it. It's nice to be able to see the world rather than be foggy about it.
 Then on Friday ---there is an appointment with Dr. Climenhaga at 10:45 am. So the two days are shot.
In between I haven't got younger boy to study to work on the license prep.
Dr. Climenhaga is a good eye surgeon who did older boy's cataract. Older boy was born with a cataract and had to have the lens implant done at a young age and Dr. Climenhaga did a good job on him. So I'm pretty sure that he will be fine with dad so long as the ancient one doesn't have a bad reaction to the anaesthetic. It's too early for the cardiac consult so we have to wing it tomorrow.
Really the ancient ones are very troubling.
Here is Dr. Climenhaga's information if you need help.
Dr. David B. Climenhaga
Dr. David B. Climenhaga, MD, FRCSC has been providing ophthalmic medical care and surgical treatments in Edmonton since 1987. He performs cataract surgery as well as laser refractive surgery at our in-house, non-hospital surgical suite. He also treats corneal disease and performs corneal transplantation surgery and cataract surgery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. We treat all our patients with kindness, care and respect while providing them with excellent and professional eye treatment and surgery.
Internationally Trained and Accredited
Our surgical suite is fully accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Dr. Climenhaga is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is also Board Certified in the United States. He completed sub-specialty training years in Ophthalmology after being qualified as an ophthalmologist, at McGill University, and at Harvard University.
Visit Our Clinic
Please ask your optometrist or family doctor to refer you to our office for cataract or corneal assessment, and we will be happy to arrange a referral appointment for you. Should you be seeking a consultation about your suitability for laser refractive surgery, you may contact our office directly to book a no-obligation consultation. We are on the southeast corner of Jasper Avenue and 107th Street. The Corona LRT station is located directly at our building, which is wheelchair accessible. There is metered parking on the street, pay surface lots on the north and south of the building and additional parking underground.
Our Services
Cataract Surgery
Refractive Surgery
Corneal Surgery and Corneal Disease Management
Contact Info
390-10665 Jasper Avenue NW,
First Edmonton Place, Edmonton, AB
T5J 3S9
Phone 780‑424‑2233
Fax 780‑426‑7219
Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 12 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Dr. David B. Climenhaga has been providing patients in Edmonton and across western Canada with eye care treatments and procedures. Call for a consultation.
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