Friday, May 5, 2017

corneal transplant and ER visit

And today was an interesting day. I mean every day is interesting for me but since I've never gone through a corneal transplant with anyone I had to write notes so as to report on the business.
First of all we were at dad's place late as I was farting around with Helva's tire change and the Facebook stuff so I got to the house by 10 am which would be enough time you think to get dad to the Royal Alexandra Hospital you would think. But half way down to the university area I asked dad if he had his health care card and he said no. I asked him why not and he said he had his referral letter. It was now 10:20 am. I asked hubby to turn the car around and we went back to the parents' place and picked up the health care card which I put in my bag. I don't know why dad would think that he would not need the card. I phoned Dr. Climenhaga's office to tell the nurse to inform that Royal Alex Hospital we might be a tad late. Hubby drove us down to the basement and left us there just in time. We get there at 11:00 am and I wander with dad into the cataract clinic place where I thought I had to be. The folks there said I was in the wrong place. I had to go to admitting. A nice lady took us to admitting because I can't find any place without big signs and symbols present.
We got dad admitted and we end up in ward 22. I had to ask where ward 22 was when we got off the elevator.When we got there they put dad in a room with three other men who were being worked on. Dad did not get into the operating theatre until 2:07 pm. Then he got out of the operation at around 4:50 pm. Dad had a lot of pain and threw up a lot. We got him home and then he began to have chest pain with nausea at around 9 pm. Sue called the Royal Alex and they told us to call 911. An ambulance came and took him to the UAH and we waited until 1:30 am for an emergency room bed. The doctor (Dr. Lee) just saw him and said he would do tests. I came home just now (2:02 am). Dr. Lee said he might be ready by the am for the 10:45 am appointment for a follow up with Dr. Climenhaga.
All in all a very interesting day. I never get a day without medical drama.

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