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Armen Gasparian

Armen Gasparyan:

and if you get discouraged
begin again
write out the stories
of the families who experience retribution 
and don't stop with the discoveries of defeat

and if you get discouraged
shape a new universe inside your head
that you can visualise
in poetry and music
make the poems as flying birds that deliver the news to everyone 

and if you get discouraged
realise that there are many of us
who are working to change the world
we're ordinary citizens
and don't belong to the elite that rules over us

and if you get discouraged
realise as Ruth Adria has     that the world
isn't changed by the politicians
it's changed by us        the ordinary citizens of Alberta
who testify despite retribution   we're the change makers

and if you get discouraged
take your imagination as the final tool
and out of your efforts create the new world
that is coming to Alberta   we're the families who are banned
and we're dissenting in Alberta   because we realise who we are     we're the change makers




Stephen Tucker
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PLEASE SHARE!!!! It breaks by heart to have my mom in a emergency room bed were at least dad can now visit her . A care home in grande prairie has abused my mom for the last time . We are now taking up space in an emergency room while awaiting for a doctor to help us find a spot . The care home today slammed the door in my face as I tried to talk to them. As I had to remove mom s belongings out of there so the abuse can't continue. Dad fought with them for years with documentation and pics plenty of proof to put them under . But everyone turns a blind eye to the abuse and call it un founded . The judge without any looking at foundings or proof just say your banned and any further cost comes to dad? How does a retirement man pay for lawyer fees. I want this banning my dad from the care home for a full year without visiting rights to go viral . He has legal guardianship to be her voice from a court but means nothing . How does the justice system work ? She cannot speak for herself . Please share the shit outta this . Media here I come

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Lynette Edwards Mahoney This makes me sick . I know this sort of thing happens , as I have witnessed things happening , for two years I was treated badly by the RN. Who did things , for speaking up. Eventually I called a halt, after they, the staff started to make life for my daughter very hard, as she also worked there,although did not witness anything. Because the staff couldn't hurt me ,they thought they would start On my daughter . WRONG MOVE. They RN still worked there for many yrs after the incidents, do not ask me why this was allowed . I was told by the then DON, That I had opened a can of worms. Some staff left because of the RN she was a good catholic RN grrrrr but she never scared me . So sorry this has happened to your beautiful mum x

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Shelley Peck In Canada you call persons in care , government agency ... then it gets shut down

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Doreen Dempsey What a shame poor woman.

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Deborah Donick Get a nanny cam! I did

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The newly appointed Advocate's mandate is "to HELP seniors NAVIGATE the various publicly funded services available to them and PROVIDE EDUCATION on ISSUES AFFECTING SENIORS, “including matters such as elder abuse, age friendly communities, older workers and ageism.”
Just as previous appointees, this Seniors Advocate appointee is given NO POWER. She shares this flawed position with other agencies such as the OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN, the PATIENT ADVOCATE the ALBERTA MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE, the PROTECTION FOR PERSONS IN CARE. All are just a facade, a deception.
All are costing us, the taxpayer, millions and millions of dollars but provide little or no protection and guarantee no rights to older Albertans.

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Christine Topping What would you like to see instead?
Julie Ali I would like to see the GOA do its job and provide direct oversight of continuing care facilities which would mean penalties for non-compliances rather than the whitewash job through the Protection for Persons in Care office and the many advocates offices that do not provide help to the citizens in need. I know. I went to the Health Advocates for help with my sister's eviction. I was told they could not help me. This was before the Seniors Advocate came into existence. I don't believe the creation of a temporary Seniors Advocate is anything other than a placating move by the NDP folks to their voters who want change in continuing care oversight and performance. It may be this Seniors Advocate may want to do some work but without any power how exactly is she to do this? Even the Ombudsman is not able to force government to do anything. These offices are paid by us and do not serve us. In my opinion they simply serve the GOA by providing information about issues that are pissing off citizens so that spin can be created. Isn't this why we have no change in the care of seniors and why we have 795 kids dead in the child welfare system in Alberta? Spin doesn't equal deliverables in my mind; nor do placebo solutions of a Seniors Advocate.
Barry Snell Since you asked Christine, let's start with some protection for seniors in the Alberta Human Rights Act. (Sections 4 and 5 of the Act discriminate against seniors.) Next step, put Elder Advocates of Alberta into the position, and give them the legislative and regulatory power to hold abusers accountable. The improvement in the lives of vulnerable seniors would be immediate.
Beth Podgurny For more information about what's really going on - visit www.onmymothersbehalf.ca and read On My Mother's Behalf - A Daughter's Story. This book not only tells of what my family went though but also about - Health Care System is failing our seniors. It's shocking!

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