Monday, May 8, 2017

At an emergency hearing Friday night, a Loudoun County judge denied a request from Alex Scott’s family to immediately send him back his Northern Virginia group home but also ordered that the group home take steps in the next two weeks toward accepting Scott back into its care. The decision was seen as a partial victory for Scott’s family in a standoff over a feeding tube that has captured the attention of disability rights advocates and an online community that has followed Scott’s plight. “While we are disappointed Alex is not going home today, we are encouraged that Loudoun County has been ordered by the court to take specific measures to make sure Alex goes home as soon as possible,” Scott’s sister Samantha Tunador said late Friday.

This is the humiliating, destabilising junk that citizens with disabilities have to go through and for what? So that caregivers have to spend less time feeding them? What the heck?

Velvet Martin
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A Virginia judge ruled in the case of Alex Scott, 45, who was stuck at a Northern Virginia hospital as caregivers argued over whether he needs a feeding tube


Julie Ali Thanks for the update Velvet. It's so sad that he has to go through this junk. No rights for the disabled citizen anywhere.

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Julie Ali
It is very sad that Mr. Scott has to go through this traumatising destabilisation of his condition for no other reason than to make his care more convenient for the workers.  
It feels as if disabled citizens have no rights. If there had been no family to speak up for him what would have happened to him? 
Why do citizens with disabilities face so many challenges when they already have so many difficulties to deal with?
This came about after Mr. Scott's long-time caregiver retired and a new one hired? Seems the new caregiver doesn't want to do the job, to do what is best for the patient. 
Simple solution: get rid of the new caregiver who doesn't want to take care of Mr. Scott and hire one who does. Probably not a good idea to force the new one to do something s/he doesn't want to do. That could cause resentment and lead to abuse.
It seems inhumane to deny someone the simple pleasure of eating. Why can America afford trillions of $$ for war but not to take care of our sick and elderly?

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