Tuesday, May 23, 2017

and take all that is within you / and magnify it

and take all that is within you
and magnify it 
so that the world is filled with the singing
of the activists who are trying

and take the music that is in you
that the soul carries for you
and set the world on fire
we're able to do this work

we are messengers
for his work     and when you decide
that this work is more important
than the bare existence of nothingness

then  your soul will magnify
what little you have inside you
and the dry wood will spark and burn
what is inside you will become the light for the new world

the old world of cards and magical tricks
will vanish before you   and the new world will rise up
from the past     how then will the monkey rulers survive?
how will they they take their glass globes of spin
and rule over us?   and take all that is within you    and magnify it 


NEEDTOBREATHE - "Multiplied" (Official Video)


Armen Gasparian 1966 | Russian symbolist painter:

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