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AHS investigation discovers serious problems at Lacombe long-term care facility--------------Comments Post # 3---The health authority said Tuesday the Lacombe Hospital and Health Centre has been thoroughly cleaned. Education sessions have also begun for staff “to ensure they understand health service and accommodation standards for continuing care.” A total of 75 residents live in the long-term care portion of the health centre, all of whom have been re-assessed.-

AHS investigation discovers serious problems at Lacombe long-term care facility

Published on: May 9, 2017 | Last Updated: May 9, 2017 9:22 PM MDT
Lacombe Hospital
Three staff members at a Lacombe long-term care facility have been placed on leave after an internal Alberta Health Services investigation discovered training deficiencies, unsanitary conditions and a lack of safety around medications.
The health authority said Tuesday the Lacombe Hospital and Health Centre has been thoroughly cleaned. Education sessions have also begun for staff “to ensure they understand health service and accommodation standards for continuing care.”
A total of 75 residents live in the long-term care portion of the health centre, all of whom have been re-assessed.
AHS initiated a review and audit only after nursing students completing their practicums at the site came forward with problems they had witnessed.     
“We take these concerns very seriously and we responded quickly with our investigation and audits with support from Alberta Health,” Brenda Huband, chief health operations officer for central and southern Alberta, said in a written statement Tuesday.
The statement was released shortly after the Wildrose Party highlighted the issue during question period in the legislature and released leaked documents from the audit.
According to the documents, the investigation uncovered:
• Inconsistently updated care plans and patient charting;
• Incomplete fall risk assessments, dietary assessments, vital signs monitoring and wound care interventions;
• Deficient training for staff in infection control, medication management, dementia care, CPR, use of restraints, fall prevention and choking response;
• Improper security of private client information;
• Presence of expired aseptic supplies such as wound care products and catheters;
• Dirty products stored with sterile products;
• Used client razors left unattended, and tubs found to be dirty;
• Soiled linen and garbage found to be overflowing into hallways;
• Unsafe medication practices, including a client administering his own insulin when it was unclear if he was competent to do so;
• Medication rooms left unlocked;
• Poor documentation around whether clients had received required tooth brushing and bathing;
• Inconsistent practices to ensure safe water temperatures for bathing;
• High infection rates and antibiotic use.

According to the documents, the investigation uncovered soiled linen and garbage found to be overflowing into hallways. And much, much more.

Three staff members at a Lacombe long-term care facility have been placed on leave after an internal Alberta Health Services investigation...

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John Hetherington This kind of thing is going on because AHS is underfunded but we are spending all kinds of money trying to save drug addicts on the street. Somewhere our priorities have gone terribly wrong.
Michael DesAulniers Those "drug addicts on the street", are also people. We are NOT spending "all kinds of money" on addiction.
Maureen Schwab I think probably there are lots of funds available to AHS but possibly there needs to be a change in mindset on allocation.
Randy Kish Michael DesAulniers drug addicts on the street who are people that commit a criminal act everytime they self inject, as compared to the elderly who have not committed any crime.....
Maureen Schwab Randy Kish Thank you Randy, I have compassion for anyone with an addiction but they make choices the elderly are only guilty of being old and infirm and that may eventually happen to all of us
Linda Feland-Swityk Stop putting the owness on money going into addictions funding! If there was underfunding then it started with the previous government. 
My suspicions are it was management of the facility that was not doing their job.
Nicole Caldwell Addiction is a mental health issue and they deserve help not jail time. 
Elderly care facilities are extremely understaffed everywhere, and the education is lacking. The money shouldn't be taken away from health and go to the elderly.

Yesterday at 9:34am
Shari Manning Actually addiction is a trauma issue, as is most mental health issues.
Nicole Glimm Drug addicts are in the hospitals often times needing one on one care and taking time away from other patients
Nicole Caldwell If someone needs one on one care then they should get one on one care. It shouldn't matter the reason.
Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne Maureen Schwab hate to say it but addiction is a choice, no one forced you to stick yourself with a needle. When they first started it was a choice and after it became an addiction because of there choices. I have no sympathy for those people that put themselves in that situation nor do I want money supporting that fund. If they can support there "addiction" they can get themselves help.

Yesterday at 3:02pm
Theresa Hughes Michael DesAulniers you are so correct... obviously these other people are perfect and entirely sure addiction will never touch their lives to be making such ignorant comments....
Theresa Hughes Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne addiction is not a choice. Do you have a medical degree that makes you properly educated to make such an ignorant statement
Theresa Hughes Nicole Glimm so why is the addicts care less important?
Randy Kish AHS shouldn't be in the business of enabling any addiction....
Desiree Coulter-Egilsson You need to do some serious research in your program. I also took my degree for nursing and you do not have an understanding of addictions at all and you need to put some effort in the psych department. The majority of individuals suffering with addict...See More

Yesterday at 6:07pmEdited
Julie Ali Nicole Glimm If they need one on one care they have the right to receive this care. I know of no legislation that makes drug addicts lacking in the human rights of non-drug addicts do you?
Julie Ali Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne Certainly it is a choice to take drugs but not all kids are mature and so might make mistakes that lead to poor outcomes. Do we want to penalize them for these mistakes? Nope. We want to treat them. It's the right thing to do. If you are working at AHS I certainly hope you aren't in contact with patients.Especially those with addiction problems.
Julie Ali Randy Kish I don't think AHS is enabling addiction. Certainly the folks at Alberta Health have been slow to help these poor unfortunates so you might instead say that AHS under the NDP folks --has failed to help citizens with addiction issues much like the PCs did.
Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne No I do not do any client care what so ever. Kids that usually get into drugs, where's the parents. How are they handling it? How are they raised? Kids are not mature this is parental supervision is extremely important now a days. Just because i disagr...See More
Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne Desiree Coulter-Egilsson I actually got an A in Psyc but thanks! I do not do any patient care but even if I did it's non of your business. if you allow your personal opinions you will not be successful in your job. Based on your statement the difference between you and I. I know how to separate my personal feelings and opinions from the care I give to patients. You should focus on that!
Desiree Coulter-Egilsson Rasha you are talking in circles. You say your separating your personal feelings yet you say you have 'no sympathy for those people.' That doesn't sound like separation to me. I do separate my feelings, I am non judgemental like I said above because I ...See More

23 hrs
Julie Ali Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne I beg to differ. What you say is what you are in my opinion. How can you hold such negative opinions of folks with addictions and still maintain the professional relationship of kindness? Would there not be acute dissonance?

Reply22 hrs
Julie Ali Desiree Coulter-Egilsson I agree with you. The most important aspect of health care is caring. Compassion for the patient is most important. If you think of addicted patients as being products of failed families I am afraid this doesn't seem to be the right person for a job in AHS.

Reply22 hrs
Julie Ali Rasha Eloneissy Hoehne Hopefully you will never be in the situation where a loved one is addicted.

Reply22 hrs
Tracy Tingey Rasha... I'm honestly taken aback... a tip for you... do not think for a second that your social media isn't checked before hire. You have so much growing up to do before you can call yourself a nurse- that you'd put yourself out there as representing our profession in this way is stunning. What program are you even in?

21 hrs
Julie Ali Nicole Caldwell I agree money should not be taken from health -it should be taken away from non-performing executive staff, bureaucrats and professional public servants and given to the seniors. Heck we could save a ton of cash getting rid of the useless health advocates, seniors advocate, PPIC office, the Ombudsman, the Ethics folks and really anyone who provides the cover up stories for the GOA. These are bogus offices that do not serve citizens but certainly serve to whitewash the system wide problems that social media is revealing to us.

Reply37 mins
Julie Ali Tracy Tingey I agree with you. While freedom of speech is important ---sometimes this freedom of speech reveals problems --at least to me. How is it possible to have such lack of insight into the problems of folks with addictions and to be working in the health care field? Such dissonance seems to mean that there would be problems. I've seen this sort of thinking in the top tier staff at AHS.

Reply35 minsEdited
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