Monday, May 29, 2017

a tax on the sick

Do you agree with Brian Jean that you should be able to park at the hospital for the first two hours for free?
Add your name to support eliminating hospital parking fees for the first two hours.
Buzz Hamilton No. I feel we should be able to park free all the time. Not just two hours
May 6 at 11:18am
Dell McKee Schischikowsky Should be able to park all the time
1 hr
Leah Vallee There would have to be some way of controlling it, or others would take advantage. Perhaps a pass with proof of hospital stay.
Reply53 mins
Donna Owchar You should not have to pay for parking anytime of the day or night!
14 mins
Julie Ali I agree. You should be able to show that you have family as a patient by a form given by the hospital and that would take care of parking fees. This is merely a tax on the sick and is stressful for low income families.

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