Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A nothing day but I can't say that I meant to do that because I did what I meant to do.

The hazard of rain and wind is all about the house. The two fir trees that frame my view are being pulled to the right by the dragging hands of the storm. I went out briefly to the bank and came home. I was going to get Rebecca but gave up this ambition.
I will bring her home tomorrow as there is stuff to do with dad in the early morning in terms of the fasting blood sugar and he wants her income tax forms signed by her so this means a trip to the Villa in any case.
I'm very sleepy right now. It would be best to go for a walk but the hustling of the wind means that this is a no go.
I have read some of my library books and I have a pile of books that I bought that I will read. In addition I have other things to do for the Elder Advocates Working Group that I am not yet awake enough to tackle. Small steps.
The methotexate injections are still waiting to be picked up. I put the jobs on the calendar for tomorrow. No need to get my knickers in a twist just because today is a nothing day.
I found a book devoted to geraniums at the second hand book store which was a novelty. I immediately picked it because my geraniums need all the help they can get in terms of training me for their survival. I have other books that aren't as useful but will satisfy the nothing day today.
I vacuumed some of the dustballs under the furniture in the living room as a penance for not doing what I meant to do and I am going to damp mop eventually. It's a startling thing to see the dust balls.
For supper I got the sausage yesterday and we have potatoes. Our lives revolve around potatoes. We will have bangers and mash again.
The wind warning is warranted as the wind is now very strong and is liable to lift up the garden detritus and carry it all far away. It's hard to believe yesterday was so pristine when today the waters of heaven are covering the earth.
At least the garden will appreciate the water.
Water, water everywhere.
A nothing day.
Books piled up for reading and music playing.
Some days are like this. But at the end of my life I won't be saying --I meant to do that.

I've done what I meant to do and so I won't at the final door look back and say --I meant to do that.
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