Sunday, May 14, 2017

2017 Hike # 1-----Kananaskis Valley Hike--Barrier Dam Hike

When I got back from my hiking trip today I had just enough energy to empty out the luggage. It's clear to me that I am not fit. I did a tiny hike on Saturday. We decided it would be too much to do a big hike so we chose a dam. Think of the shame of this folks. I hiked around a dam. That's a dam and not a damn.
I got up late on Saturday and even then had to be dragged out of bed reluctant and sullen. The hubby said this would be a warming up hike. Fat lot of good that chatter did for me. I knew he was in better shape than me because he had bought an exercise bike for his New Year's Resolution and had used it while I had sat at my computer writing like a banshee losing whatever muscle I had originally.
In any case we ended up in Kananaskis Valley at the information place. I went to the washroom there and then read the information about bears and ticks. A bear ran after some hikers in Banff and this seems so odd that I had to check the information. There was no bear warning that I could find for the Kananaskis Valley but then I did not ask the information person but instead asked where the heck the dam was. This request for information was confusing to the Kananaskis Information Centre since apparently there are several hikes around the Barrier Dam which is part of the Barrier Lake. I'd never even heard of this lake despite having gone on a previous hike in this area and having lived in Calgary for 6 years.
She tells us that the hike begins down the road (Highway 40) and we won't miss it as it is clear as sunlight. I asked about the ticks and she told me to check over younger boy and wash all our clothes in hot water after the hike. Heck I'd never done this in previous hikes but then I'd never considered Lyme Disease in Alberta before.
I will pick up tick repellent and cover younger boy head to toe so that he is less likely to be infected.
We got in the car and then got to the entrance of Barrier Lake. This place seems to be a local secret as the place was packed. If there would be bears they would be lots to snack on. We had to park at the entrance as there was no place else. We got out and got walking. There is a dam. There is a path. Hubby made me walk 2.5 hours up the trail and then he gave up on my whining. It was pretty out but I was not in shape. Also I got younger boy's winter boots for him instead of his hiking boots and the boots did not fit so he was not really in the right gear. Younger boy despite the poor shoes he wore was pretty good and was way ahead of me. The way down was hard due to my knees aching. So the entire hike was about 4-5 hours. I saw a ton of pretty wildflowers that hubby took pictures of for me as I had left my cell phone at home. We had a soggy ham sandwich and oranges for our lunch and came home.
This was hike #1. It was pretty good and the aches and pains will vanish if I begin to walk this week instead of anchor myself to the ship of the writing room.
Right now it is very muddy skies outside, droplets of rain coming down and the laundry dripping inside.
The bears are the only problem now. I've never seen such intrusive bear encounters before. This is a problem.
Here is the bear encounter -for 2017 --which is becoming a yearly thing:
Dog helps save hikers after grizzly chases them for 20 minutes in Banff National Park
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Published on: May 8, 2017 | Last Updated: May 9, 2017 11:27 AM MDT
There was a previous encounter here in 2016:
Large grizzly bear follows hikers down trail in Banff National Park
Colette Derworiz, Calgary HeraldCOLETTE DERWORIZ, CALGARY HERALD
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Published on: July 5, 2016 | Last Updated: July 12, 2016 10:32 AM MDT
Three friends on a leisurely Sunday hike in Banff National Park found themselves on a heart-pounding adventure after coming across a giant grizzly bear near Mount…
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