Saturday, April 8, 2017

You're seeing conspiracies everywhere it seems.

Next week, the head of TransPod, a Toronto-based startup that plans to build hyperloop technology, is coming to town to check out the Calgary to Edmonton…
Julie Ali More pre-election baloney.
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Thus has nothing to do with an election?! The next one's in 2019!
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 You're seeing conspiracies everywhere it seems.
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Julie Ali I guess you would think this. I doubt that you can understand what families have to go through in the system since you are of the belief that the NDP are saints. They aren't. And they don't help families. They are basically the same as the PCs. The folks on Edmonton city council have been followed by me for years. Bunch of developer magnets. My Councillor was a nice man but basically did what the mayor wanted which was the Katz Arena which was not in the public interest. The folks we hire should work for ordinary citizens as well as the big wigs. In Alberta this is not the case. If you go to the city council meetings as I did during the Mandel error, I was astonished by the disrespect for ordinary citizens who wanted to preserve farmland in the NE. We didn't get to save the land for farming. Only developers count.
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