Sunday, April 23, 2017

we all need a poem

and then     I put the poems
in their books
and gave them away
because life is brief
and uncertain
we all need a poem

the dogs of war keep barking
the children keep dying
the seniors struggle
while the handicapped are ignored
all the houses in the street stagger
under their loads of snow 

I watch the sky for messages
the clouds form their own poems
the abacus of birds string the lines
of the poles in the street
and the harvest of winter is being gathered in
the marsh licks its hands of cattails

and the solitude of ice
is broken momentarily
the hard surface of the day is gone
and now the water drips off the edges of the dream
where you might be is in the gap
between the seasons     as spring leaps over

the puddle of winter
and the ducks seek guidance beneath the fir trees
the silver lines of poetry might be written
on the branches of the trees
meanwhile the beads of the crows add up
to large amounts of feathers

these sums are considered worthless
but in this poem I place the crows on the rungs
of a ladder of clouds
I send them flying to you for guidance
I wish for a message from the far country
so that I might sing      and where might you be?

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]
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