Saturday, April 1, 2017

Visiting Rebecca--April 1, 2017

Julie Ali
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Just now
By the time I got to Rebecca it was 2:30 pm. The main elevator was broken so the ladies in the front foyer said to just use the stairs. I gave Rebecca her bananas, plums and mandarin oranges. I got her a new set of sheets and two soft towels that had to be labelled with her room number so I left it with the nurse. I told the nurse who was very busy I would pick Rebecca up tomorrow at 12:30 -1 pm. I asked for BIPAP use and the nurse said she would let evening staff know. Rebecca still looks sleepy but she was painting. The new piece is mostly purple.
I came home to the yogurt cups for lunch. I have to skim through data now.
Here are some works from my favourite artist:


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