Saturday, April 8, 2017

To Do List -Saturday April 8, 2017

Julie Ali feeling blessed.
Just now
Today I have to clean up the writing room. Bits of fluff and dust are everywhere. Then I have to pick up Rebecca for her home visit; I haven't been to see her for a week since I was in Questioning for the Good Samaritan Society Lawsuit this last week.
Then I am taking dad to see Dr. Krysa has he has this cough that has been persisting. I think it might be bronchitis but I am not sure but I want it checked out.
The entire house is messy but I can't do much right now. Priorities are always people first.
The laundry sits in the mudroom waiting for disbursements to folks. Older boy's taxes were done but not the rest of the family so I will work on this matter this coming week.
The To Do List is pretty packed. Eventually I will water the geraniums. My geraniums are not as healthy as this one but since it will be soon time for them to sun bathe outside I imagine they will become as robust as this one. Luckily they do seem to like a bit of dry before watering. I haven't dead headed the flowers yet so this is one more housekeeping job.

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