Monday, April 24, 2017

To Do List for Younger Boy --Summer 2017

As younger boy moves to the end of the school year at NAIT we have to go through the chores and tasks that we have ignored up until now. He has been annealed to the computer all this year and we have to extract his DNA from that place.

He has several matters to do this summer.

1) Find a summer job.
2) Learn to drive.
3) Begin a business on digital media and IT.
4) Get a portfolio ready for the Vancouver Film School.
5) Exercise.
6) Get out of the house and interact with human beings.
7) Find a hobby other than the computer.

Its clear to me that the younger boy like myself -is addicted.
We're addicted to the immediate gratification of the computer world.

But I don't want him to sit like a paddle by the side of his boat all summer. It was easier when he was in high school-I would enrol him in a summer program. I don't know if I can do this now.

I will look up some digital media programs for the summer.

All my friends are activists and so they might have some clues on how to turn a mild mannered introvert into a hero.

The myth making I do to turn this little runty kid into a larger version of himself is much like the transformation of a sessile stay at home mum into a do gooder activist.

It's all very surreal.

In any case this is the list of stuff I have thought up just now for this summer. If he doesn't get a summer job we are going to focus on the business world.  The first 18 year old digital media business owner will be created this summer. 

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