Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This and That -Wednesday April 26, 2017

Because dad has still not made the shrimp curry I had nothing but sandwiches to offer older boy. He has gone to get take out Chinese as he wants to wait for the meal out.
 Dad wanted 5 zucchini to add to the shrimp curry so this morning I went to Superstore and there they were--five thin elegant curves of zucchini.
I've never understood why everyone hates zucchini. Dad can do amazing things with zucchini. He puts it into fish curry. He adds it to lentil soup. And he pads the shrimp curry with it.
 The reason I have never bothered to learn to cook all these delicate curries is because mum was a fabulous cook and when she began to tucker out, dad took over cooking. I know it is shameless of me to get the boys fed via grandparent drip but really I do not like to do the cooking. Dad will make the shrimp curry with the zucchini tomorrow. He asked me to pick up a pack of Thai chillies, cilantro and a bag of Navel oranges so I am beginning to feel like a roving grocery delivery person.
Mum has been lying in bed and I haven't been seeing to her outings so that's on my list.
Outside the sky is like dirty sheepskin. Very unappetising. The older boy has gone into that yuck to pick up supper.
I haven't done anything today except pay bills and do groceries. It's amazing how little is accomplished in a day.
I still have to return the library books. The older boy is leaving only on Monday in the morning and so I will have the family over on the weekend. Most of his time will be spent with various buddies so I will have to isolate a portion of the weekend for family and extended family.
Right now I feel like having a nap. We did not use the sandwich meat I got for lunch as no one wanted to have sandwiches. They wanted Chinese take out and so that's another lost idea.
The laundry is still in the washing machine. I haven't done the walk. I feel like I am still rather foggy.
Today I got up and thought it was the weekend. Maybe the fact that younger boy was home threw me off. He's now home because he still has no summer job and has no interest in acquiring real life experience. Nothing has changed about him since NAIT ended. He is still attached to the computer like a small mouse.
The writing room is still dusty and messy. I have all my garage sale junk everywhere. It could be a garage sale rather than a writing room except for the lawsuit papers on the floor (also collecting dust).
It is pleasant having older boy home. He is so relaxed that I feel very mellow around him. He does nothing much on his holidays. He phones friends. Has a massage. Gets food. Eats. Yaps. There is no way I could be high strung around him. He has been this way since he was a baby. This was the only child I ever knew who was smiling constantly. In contrast, younger boy was the most tearful baby around--constantly crying about his human condition. Now of course he is silent.
The truckloads of geraniums are everywhere about me. There are no pansies bought yet as I don't trust the weather. The sun is absent. There are no ants and the peonies are not making any effort to grow. The iris are sending out spears but it's best to wait before putting the geraniums out.
Rattling on this way reminds me that I have other work to do like mop the floors. I haven't done it yet. I will try to do the floors after older boy has got the take out meal and we're done chowing down.
It's a sad matter that a mother can't cook and won't learn to cook. But there you go. I will be the jester playing the flute of a poem until the very end of the journey.
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