Thursday, April 27, 2017

This and That -- Thursday April 27, 2017

Outside the sky is a bit more fresh. The grey paint that has been sloshed all over the sky is now being replaced by a touch of blue.
Older boy is at Dr. Kurji's place waiting for dental work to be done. I phoned him to ask him to pay off the $5 debt I have owed her for six months now. Hopefully he won't forget. I send him a text about the endless bill.
I think I am now up to date with the bills. I only have the credit card to do. The endless cycle of bill paying means only one thing--I will have to go on a money diet soon. I will think about how to do this. Usually what this means is that we live like students for a while.
I usually live like a Third World immigrant for the most part. I don't buy anything except food and garage sale junk. I go for walks in the forest for my entertainment. The library is my shopping mall. It's very pared down. I could I guess stop buying food from outside for the boys but since we do this only when older boy is here or when younger boy is wanting a pizza this would mean that all our lives are rather monk-like.
When we were students in Calgary I would go to garage sales with hubby. Of course hubby did not want to go to garage sales as this meant he would have to put on garage sales for us to get rid of the things I bought but it was a lot of fun. I would buy odd chairs. No one loves the odd chairs that everyone sells at garage sales but I find they have character and you can always use a chair to hold the tottering piles of books that are everywhere in my bedroom or living room or kitchen.
Garage sales in Calgary were interesting for older boy as he got his toys there. We had a lot of cheap toys. I was really into stimulating the older boy's brain with books and toys. He had a lot of books read to him as well. I spent most of the boys' childhoods doing the usual stuff of over-enrichment--kindermusik, playgroups, play dates, playgrounds, swimming classes and endless summer camps. The older boy went to theatre camps and in general benefited from the immersion in the larger world but younger boy was more interested in computers. In any case, they both got to go with me to garage sales which is probably the reason neither of them will go shopping now for the most part. Older boy does buy junk on the Internet but they tend to be too small T-shirts that younger boy inherits or hats.
I don't go to garage sales now as the house is full of junk and the basement is slowly being emptied out. The things I collect now are plants but even there I haven't got space and I have had to spread the plants into the public land near my house. I have simply taken over a place where a dumb car driver hit the tree and left a stump. In the place of the stump I have put all my extra plants. I figure if the city of Edmonton can't make the public land pretty I might as well use it for my extra plants.
I am now thinking of a second piece of public land to absorb for my garden plants. The first one is getting filled up and I see there is another garden spot that is covered in wood chips by the tree. I just have to move a bit of the wood chips and put in the hole and deposit my day lilies there. I need a place for my day lilies as they have to be divided. They are bullying the other plants with their immense muscles.
When older boy is finished seeing Dr. Kurji he will have breakfast at home and possibly go back to bed. The grandpa will make him shrimp curry. I will just do the rest of the Chinese meal for lunch. A salad will be made for supper.
Nothing ambitious today. Just the family together. There's always a Gemini in each of us and perhaps the day will turn out like this as well.


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