Thursday, April 13, 2017

This and That--Thursday April 13, 2017

Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
9 mins
I went out to do the banking but I had to make an appointment. So I wait at home.
It is fuzzy outside with slushy rain.
The puddles are like small mirrors that Helva cracks. I only got to the two banks and I came home.
I still have to go to pick up more income tax forms. I do it the old way -on paper and usually need to do several runs through the paper so I get the multiple copies of the forms.
Then I have to go to yet another bank. It's like I am the banker for several family members.
I had a piece of toast for lunch and some hunks of Kentucky Fried Chicken that I had to have a few days ago that is now sitting sadly in the fridge. Grease is something quite horrific days later.
I feel very sleepy. The lawsuit work looks up at me with the sad eyes of toddlers ignored for far too long.
As for the dustballs they are multiplying like Snowshoe hares.
Small diamonds of rain are studding the windows. The pale arms of the boulevard trees sway back and forth. Probably the reason why my books of poems are not published is because I sit like a piece of Turkish Delight slowly melting to a smudge in the warm writing room that is all about slow writing.
After the appointment with the Scotia bank person I will head over to Sobeys to buy my day's fresh bread. Nothing like a loaf of crusty bread to make the rain feel like a gift. I'll phone the ancient parents to see if they need any bread. It may be that they will want me to go buy them fruitcake from downtown but I don't know if the fruitcake is ready for Easter.
Some days I feel like I am carrying a ship of information on the sea of my head.

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