Thursday, April 13, 2017

This and That-- Thursday April 13, 2017 (2)

Julie Ali thinking about stuff.
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I am boiling potatoes. When all else fails I boil potatoes and mash them for supper. Usually I forget the boiling potatoes and I have a burnt pot to chuck out. Hopefully these potatoes will be OK. Just to make sure let me go check on them.
They are almost done so I put the stove off. They can cook in the hot water without me losing yet another pot.
With the potatoes we will have bangers. I have bangers and mash with a salad when all else fails.
The salad was also made for the ancient parents. I phoned dad from Sobeys and he did not want another loaf of bread but he did want a tossed salad so this is ready to go to the ancient ones. I phoned Sue to see if she was out and she is so she might be able to pick it up for the ancient ones. I do not feel like going out into the mucky weather.
Inside my writing room it feels like an amniotic sac--sheltered from the return to winter.
I have brought home the income tax forms again as I don't know where I put the ones I had when I did older boy's income taxes with him. I will look at the taxes tomorrow when I hope my head is not like pureed pumpkin.
Usually most of my time in April is spent trying not to do taxes. If you do your own taxes you might be fine because you know where the slips are but I tend to be missing one slip or another and then I have to phone banks and stuff -it simply feels very slippery.
Everyone in the family is tired of eating potatoes. I brought a small bag this time since the last bag is growing protuberances and will end up as seed potatoes in the garden or ant food. Usually if the ants don't kill them they will send out these hopeful shoots and maybe they might make a tiny spud to fulfil their biological imperative to reproduce and propagate the species. The old potatoes that end up in the garden are never as lively as the onions that I originally got from Sobeys that are probably into their 100th generation and still trying to take over the world. Meanwhile every other plant in the garden is on the extinction list either due to the damn voles or the less than bright hares who tumble about in the garden so carelessly I expect the coyotes on the trail to be snacking on them.
The lawsuit is in the jaw of my time like a toothache and I have yet to organize the papers. It's like a multiplication problem I have not solved.
As for the library books. Frankly the poetry books were disappointing and I will have to return to the likes of Emily Dickinson and the old timers as the new poets aren't as interesting as they could be.
I got a delicious loaf of rye bread that we will eat tonight. If you are poor and can't cook a loaf of bread with a dainty salad plus bangers and mash will be like a king's feast.
Right now I feel like sleeping. Soon it will be time to look for all the pieces of the puzzle that are my taxes. The papers are stuffed in a grocery bag or two and I have to organize them. Every year I tell myself to organize first and then be ready for this time of trial and error and by the time it is April again I have a stuffed grocery bag full of tax stuff.
Well I'd better go read a book. It's too early to eat supper and I don't want to look through the taxes just yet.
At least the bank stuff got done and I am working on the payment of the bills that have been due for the last few years.
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