Sunday, April 2, 2017

This and That Sunday April 2, 2017

Julie Ali
 feeling happy.
Just now
A busy day. Checked on Rebecca twice. First time put her on the BIPAP at 1:00 pm and went home. She had not slept the night before. Then went back at 3:30 pm and found her off. So the LPN put her back on the BiPAP. I waited for about an hour so she could get time on it. Then she went for supper. So no home visit.
Her toilet is plugged so she has to use the toilet outside. I got home by 5:30 pm.
She seems a bit slow today so I will check on her this week in between the prep for questioning.
Outside the snow is gone and the geese are flying over the house all the time now. It must be spring.
Pizza today. I have to get my hair cut tomorrow as I look like a shaggy pony.
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