Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This and That -part 2-- Wednesday April 26, 2017

Well the take out meal wasn't great but it served the purpose of getting food into us.
The end of the meal means more time to read. Once I have woken up after digesting the meal I will go to the library. The library is the only civilised place left in the world.
Since the entire family is now in holiday mode there is no point in engaging them in family activities. The atrocity of sports is all they are interested in or the dumb games that have been designed for the sole purpose of occupying folks for non-reading purposes.
I could take the rest of the Chinese take out to dad as he is partial to this food but why would I do this when he could eat his own better tasting meal?
In the background the movie is heard. I could fall asleep. The snow petals are falling of the geranium flowers. The day has passed like a scarf through the magical hands of the day. It's not clear when the door to winter will slam shut as even now we have flecks of foamy snow falling on the ground where the harvest of past snow storms breathes in and out with the lungs of winter.
The traffic of the hours slows. The day hums sweetly. Maybe a good life is all about the family gathered like a prayer being said at the end of a take out meal to watch a story play out in a film.
And what will happen next?

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