Monday, April 24, 2017

This and That-- Monday April 24, 2017

It was so mushy outside with the rain-snow hybrid coming down. Not a duck to be seen near the house. Yesterday when there was a frank blizzard two ducks flopped down by the garden and ran for a fir tree to wait it out.
 Today no birds sing.
The errands had to be done so I went to get some food for younger boy so he could be nourished with something other than package chicken noodle soup. He's having a breakfast now and it's already past noon.
I have to go to the bank so I will go out. I stopped by the Riverbend library to get more books and talking books. It's a great deal of joy there and I've missed it with the work on the dumb lawsuit. Really the worst part of the lawsuit other than the intimidation tactics of the lawyer they have hired is that this stuff takes up time. I would rather be reading poems.
In any case, I am done for now with the preparation for tomorrow. I am charging up the tape recorder. It's so bizarre that I feel that I need to do this but after the lawsuit I am pretty sure that taping all encounters with government, public bodies and the continuing care industry is not only warranted but the best thing for families.
It's like there is a group of public employees who are a law unto themselves.
In any case, the groceries got bought. I got another bag of potatoes (red) as we eat them pretty much every day. We could be Irish here.
The horrid slush and muck outside ensures that the garden is pathetic. I have seen the ants about so they must be soggy as well. The brown hares that were fluffy and frisky a few days ago look like long limp plaits of fur.
Well I better go pay bills and do the banking. I'm sure that the weather will turn sooner or later and we will be back to light.

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