Friday, April 7, 2017

This and That Friday April 7, 2017

The best part of Friday is understanding it is the end of the week. Even though I don't work I still like thinking I am at the end of a work week.I like to sit in the writing room on Friday and ignore the paper products in piles. I ignore the drying up geraniums feverishly producing blooms hoping that this frenzy will catch my attention so that I will water them. I ignore the dust at my feet and the piles of stars on the desk that I collect. I ignore the passing years and simply put one word after another and watch the silvery moon in the necklace of black outside.
So peaceful. Haven't yet had my beer sips. Wish I could make a small song. But no matter, the week is over, the moon is somewhere, the geraniums are plotting new buds and the writing room is warm. Life is up and down for all of us but when you have the habit of writing it is so much easier to see that the threads are weaving something fresh, something naughty and something interesting somewhere and the world will change one day. May not happen just yet but it will happen eventually. Things travel for long distances on the backs of human camels and then one day the loads are put down, a tent is erected and the people sit around and talk. Maybe they think about being human camels and decide to stop being nomads and settling down and facing their lives. Maybe they decide to keep moving. But eventually I think, some of us stop perpetual motion. We set up a tent of thinking. We ponder. We work. And out of our thoughts will come the massive shift that will alter the world into new conformations. Can't say what will happen then.
But it will happen.
Right now in the writing room, I am snug. The beer is in the house somewhere. Younger boy is stuck to his computer doing his projects for his program. Older boy has phoned to tell us he is OK. And the world keeps on its fixed path until the tipping point.…/niki-fo…/album/168566/view/428296…
Armen Gasparian

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