Friday, April 28, 2017

This and That --Friday April 28, 2017

The sun shone through the curtains and woke me up. The impossible blue of Alberta skies is here today with only a faint wisp of cloud. How we lasted so long with Vancouver type skies is beyond me. Thankfully the sun mouth has blown away the horror of grey and we have a sharp blue pencil colouring in the spring.
A fir tree sticks up in the window I face and pretends to be alive. At the other window the boulevard tree remembers her hands and feet to become lively. Soon there will be an explosion of leaves and a husky wind will push and shove that pregnant belly.
Inside the writing room my geraniums are bursting into red and pink clapping at the sunny day. The mess is still present in the writing room but the rest of the house is clean and fresh. A bottle of time is present today because I am not doing anything other than laundry. Tomorrow and Sunday will be extended family days. Rebecca comes home on both days and we still have to get the damn fluffy. The Teddy Bear collection is massive. There may be a chance to talk her out of fluffy shopping but I don't know.
Mum needs moving about and I have not done the outing. It's like I am a slow donkey pulling a cart full of very slow people.
Everyone is asleep. This is the nicest part of the day when I am all alone in my writing room and the menfolks are in la la land.
Soon there will be a rush for breakfast. Eggs will be cracked for scrambled eggs. There will be thick slices of toast slathered in butter. I will make some sausage. The boiled potatoes will be cut up to make hash browns. Usually I only make this sort of breakfast when older boy is home as younger boy eats like a wren.
Before we forget we have to get younger boy to do his program for year 2 of NAIT. Course selection has to be completed and then he has to enrol on May 2, 2017. Thinking about other people's deadlines makes my head hurt.
Mum wants another journal and I want to take her out to buy one. It's an excuse to get her moving. The journal idea is one I have that I use myself. When you are lonely and there is a hard feeling in you, write it in the book and let it go. Letting go of badness is good for a soul that stays soft and kind when the badness is let go.
Where was I? I am all alone in the house in being awake. A glorious burst of light woke me up this morning. I am motivated to make a big breakfast. There are tasks to be done. My right finger still hurts so I can't write as much as I want to write. Let me get cracking on the eggs.

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