Friday, April 14, 2017

This and That--Friday April 15, 2017

Because the snow came down like fat feathers from the sky and landed on the back deck I was unable to do any more work on the laundry. I left the laundry in the dryer and put in a new load. Then I sat with my hot mug of tea with honey to watch the snow come down.
Life is very brief. One moment you are a fat baby in your mother's arm. Your mother looks too young and worried in the picture that you are seeing in your mind. You look indifferent to the problems of working and looking after the Buddha size baby that my mother is stuck with. Meanwhile there is a sticklike person in the back of my father. For some strange reason both my parents were incredibly thin and I was a blob in every baby picture holding most of the square footage of the photograph simply by my massive size.
Life is very brief. The next corsage of pictures show me running in the fog in Barnsley lost without the hands of my companions who are also presumably thinking I know the way to school. Barnsley was a blur in my mind without much more than Brownies, cream buns, fish and chips in newspaper and the fine gangs of kids who were with me.
Life is very brief. We're in Kuwait running by the beach. The sea is a big fat tongue licking my toes. I am running in and out of the yawning maw of the sea. One never gets tired of this place. I could sit by the window watching snow fall and I am back in time at the beach. If you grow up as a child by the sea, the sea is imprinted into you like fingerprints -incriminating you at the scene of the crime of a childhood that was free.
Life is very brief. Cold. Canada. Loneliness. Outsider. Friendless. And then home. The story is always one of in and out --of going into the story and then into real.
Snow is falling over the land. My family is snug like worms in the dirt of our home. Somewhere the ancient ones are snug in their home close to me. Somewhere there are others I love. Somewhere the ocean of time is roaring and telling me "Life is brief". I eat my raisin bread slice generously slathered with butter, ignore the snow storm of money wasted at Alberta Health where we will soon fire the folks who have wasted our money and I return to the brief but beautiful life.
Snow is falling. Time is running out. It's all really about love.…/…/gaspar-armen-gas.html

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