Thursday, April 27, 2017

This and That (2) Thursday April 27, 2017

Older boy has taken hubby to the movies. I don't go to movies. Younger boy is still in bed.
I have my library books to read this afternoon.
Dad has made the shrimp curry and phoned several times for older boy to pick it up. He will pick it up after the movie and get some chatter time with the grandparents.
After checking everyone's schedule I have pencilled in the family get together for Sunday at 2-4 pm. Rebecca will be home and I might be able to get the birthday fluffy then.
I don't really want to go fluffy hunting but for some matters, Rebecca is very persistent and fluffy hunting is one of the things she has fixed in her brain.
Why she needs another fluffy is beyond my understanding but late at night alone in her room she might feel that a fluffy is all there is to stand between her and the unknown. We're all a bit creeped out at night when the night is licking the lollipop of the moon and the stars carry knife points.
In any case, everyone except younger boy and I went out. I was virtuous and mopped the floors even though younger boy wanted me out of his room to sleep yet more hours.
The mopped floors do not look any cleaner than they were before I mopped them but at least the big dustballs that were becoming bunny size are gone.
The house is nice and quiet. I imagine that older boy will come home to eat but he has to eat only soft stuff for 24 hours or face the wrath of Kurji. When the boys were growing up I would tell them about the wrath of Dr. Kurji -their dentist and now just mentioning Dr. Kurji is good to get them to floss for at least a day or two.
Older boy paid the bill of $3.96 that I owed Dr. Kurji for six months. I wasn't even asked for the money back. He is incredibly cheap and so I had five bucks to give him but no he was generous. Maybe it was the fact that I gave him $20 yesterday for his barber hair cut that stopped him for asking for the refund. Sponging off mum isn't something that stops with an apprenticeship.
Well I did the mopping, the laundry is being washed and the clothes have to be taken off the hangers in the mud room and put away. My right finger hurts from typing. I will go read. Things are topsy turvy but a nap in bed and then books cures every horror.
Every mother knows all about being acrobatic with life events.
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