Friday, April 28, 2017

This and That-- (2) Friday April 28, 2017

The house is all quiet again. Younger boy ate a bite and went back to bed. I begin to think the child is an embryo. He will look at the online jobs later I guess.
Older boy has gone for a massage. This child is all about comfort.
Meanwhile the library books are being chewed on. The poets I have now have a lot of brains so it's hard for me to figure them out. There are layers. I simply write out a good poem and attempt to decipher. Sometimes this is not very scholarly. But what the heck.
Outside the brilliant light is amazing and has cheered me up. The lawsuit stuff is all over the floor still and the geraniums are shedding petals and dried up leaves on top of the piles of paper. It's like there is a war between the dead and the living.
Even though I am not done with the books I have I decided to go to the TAL ONLINE place and order books because this is the gap period before the next Questioning part of the lawsuit and I do not want to waste it.
Also I have to get mum moving and what this means is while I have her here doing her brain stimulation stuff I like to read.
Most of my time is spent doing the involuntary stimulation of other folks' brains. First the two sons. Then the handicapped sister and now my mother.
Maybe I could develop a new job description of BRAIN REGENERATOR. Most of us have neuron cities collapsing and any sort of art, film and writing/reading combination seems to be a way out of the decay of the function. In any case I have been doing a project on the guinea pigs of the two sons, Rebecca and my mum now that I hope to publish on FB.
I think art can save a brain and the writing of stories can save a soul.
The book I am reading now "The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren" is big and steaklike and chewing through it has been slow. I will work on it today and shift to Emily Dickinson in between. Mr. Warren wrote long poems that defeat our rather brief transitory attention span and so I have to write the best ones out to keep my mind on the job.
When older boy gets home I will leave poetry reading to make him breakfast which will I guess be brunch. It's nice having him home as we are more variable in our mundane lives. We actually get out of the house when he is here.
We see another world outside the world of our family and extended family. That outside world is sometimes not very interesting.
The interior mansion of a poem fits my mind better.…/armen-gasparyan-artiste-pe…

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