Friday, April 7, 2017

there is the door

every step you take
will take you closer to the place
where you begin
to see the world clearly
and then what will you do?

will you stand by the door
that you do not wish to open
or will you knock and gain admission?
take the risk    (it is all seduction)  and learn what you have to learn
so that there are no more fears left before you leave finally

this is the only way
to overcome the difficulties
you take one step and you keep going
you watch the path for signs and symbols
you greet everybody with the fertile news of hope and happiness

for we have only one chance
to pass through       to do the work here
and so don't hesitate   take the steps to the place of seduction
where you stand with your fear like a stone you are carrying
take the stone and throw it through the wall of your resistance   to make the opening 

when you do this    the work becomes visible to you
and you gain courage   the silver moon bites on the flesh of darkness
to make a route for you  and walking calmly through the storm
you trust in yourself    and know you are sufficient for the passage
and then what will you do?    I tell you to pass through      there is the door
ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

Armen Gasparian

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