Sunday, April 9, 2017

the weaving of the net of family

Julie Ali feeling happy.
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I took Rebecca back to the Villa Marguerite. It feels always a bit sad to leave her there. When you have one of your family in a place outside of family it's always a bit sad but I tell myself this is the best arrangement for now. Mum isn't well; dad is also in need of attention--he needs eye work done and juggling too many family balls is liable to result in balls falling.
At the end of life its a place of less energy and illness sometimes. Maybe it won't be like this for some of us who keep physically fit but others are on a slow decline. It's mostly a matter of adjusting to the declines. You pace yourself to them and try to slow down.
The trip back was in glorious sunlight. The sort of light that makes Alberta famous. No sort of shade. Burst of radiance. I felt touched by angels.
In every life the net we weave gets torn and as we fall through the gap we wonder -will we ever survive the fall? Sometimes we do not survive the fall and the lawn of time is never mowed again by us.
Sometimes we fall through to the new properties that we are to survey and decide upon. What sort of people are we? How will we live our values? Who will we be in the world so that we aren't erased and so that others aren't erased? What is the nature of love? So here is the gap in the weave. Here is the fall. The place we land is no different than the place we were in before. It is just we suffer injury, dislocation and mystery. Let us get up from the floor of disaster and begin again the weaving of the net of family.

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