Saturday, April 22, 2017

the trees stand in the forest / and remember the storms

because fear rules
life becomes small
until the very end

the trees stand in the forest
and remember the storms
the leaves fall like a cloud of whirling birds

because I waited for victory
it never came    I never attempted
and so things stayed the same in my mind

then one day 
I saw that one word leads to another word
and I began the work       I said small stories so that I might learn

and I turned away from the world
I sat in a room like a foot in a boot
and I did not travel

instead I waited year after year
for magic to happen
I waited for the words to shape a reality

that I sensed but that I did not know
I waited for the words to teach me about life
every book that I touched scorched my skin

and turned to ashes
I watched the landscape burn
with these small fires

but I never learned from these dreams
all I got from reading was that there were workers
who were far more proficient

I don't know the secret
and I don't know success
but I keep writing as a way to find out

the nature of language
the tools of writing
and the songs that burst out

what is out there
beyond the real  is hard to conceive 
surely the imagination

is where we really live?
surely when we create
in our small and inefficient ways

we become
who we are meant to be?
surely the imagination is the landscape

of the mind
where we can believe
in anything and make it true?

I don't know anything
but I write as if I do
I take one word and attach another one

and in this way
year after year
I write the stories I am capable of

and I don't fret about others
what we are and what we might be
it's all the same    what matters

is overcoming fear
to say the words
and the poems     that's courage
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]

Armen Gasparyan - Армен Гаспарян:

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