Saturday, April 22, 2017

tell yourself the journey is worth / the time spent searching in the wilderness

I made a poem
like I made a decision

I put the words
in their containers

and I washed them down
with the singing in my head

I felt their shapes
these smooth contours

and I searched
for the ragged jagged edges

that might cut me
to awake

I made a poem
like a donkey to ride away

I told the donkey
to stop braying

and I watched the sky
for signals of where we were going

here is the road
that appears from nowhere

the road is full of dust
and obscures the signs that flutter

briefly  like flags
and the storm begins

we pause by the side of nowhere
and search for a route in the nothingness

I find a pebble
in the foot of the donkey

that is now limping
and I take it out

I stop for a while
to rest on the street of poetry

and I wonder to myself
when will this poem end?

the day turns over in the bed
of the land     and becomes night

and I am still waiting
for the voices to come to me

as you travel
carry a lash to bridle the donkey

to you so that it does not
stampede away from you

carry an apple to feed him
so that the poem is tamed

tell yourself the journey is worth 
the time spent    searching in the wilderness

tell yourself
the poem carries memory like luggage

on its back
tell yourself one day 

you will arrive at the destination
and know the reasons

for the donkey
and the travel 

here is a poem
I have conjured up from the darkness

it plods slowly down the street
I let it go       in the distance I hear it braying

I made a poem
like I made a decision
ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

Armen Gasparyan:

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