Sunday, April 16, 2017


I did my first dip into the ocean of paper. It's all a mess.
I will have to repeat everything I did ---tomorrow. It's hard to figure out the way in the taxes since it has been a year since I last did them. Also I forgot to do some things that I was supposed to do this last year and so there are additional problems.
For most of April the taxes are like a black cloud over my head raining on me despair. I simply get so mixed up reading the government gobblegock that my head hurts. Instead of just telling us what the heck something means government has to make the taxation information so impermeable that your head cracks trying to figure it out.
Of course this is why folks give their income taxes to others to do. But I don't know if this would work for me. The papers are in the shopping bag all year. How can I give a shopping bag full of paper to someone to work on?
So I tested myself today. Tomorrow is another day to try the income tax stuff out. Tuesday I take Rebecca to see Dr. Damant. She still seems a bit tippy still when I got her home today and I want to make sure she is getting enough oxygen and that her oxygen saturation values are acceptable and that she isn't going around in a state of hypoxia.
She seemed happy to be home even though it was a rushed visit due to the power outage. When I spoke to the folks at Epcor they said that the transformer may have gone on fire due to spring run off. I can't see how this would happen but there you go. In any case I had to wait ages to yap to the folks at the power outage place; they had already had 200 phone calls and the poor man was tuckered out.
It would happen on a long weekend. Probably they only had a skeleton crew on.
Tomorrow is another day of taxes. I have to pick up a piece for Rebecca's mask as well. This rubber piece at the top that sticks to her head is gone. I don't know why they don't make better masks with non removable parts but there you go. I wonder if VitalAire is open tomorrow? I will send an e-mail and see if anyone replies.
If I can't get the piece tomorrow I will pick it up on Tuesday when I take Rebecca to her appointment at the University Lung Clinic. I will pick her up at 12:30 pm, she can see mum and dad for a bit and then she has to have a pulmonary function test at 1:20 pm. After she sees Dr. Damant and I will get some questions answered.
Then next week is the yearly meeting at the Villa and older boy is home; he will see Dr. Kurji on the 27th of April. Really April is like a hare running off into the snow-barely discernible.
This song probably states my brain function best right now:

Music Video for Amelia Curran's "Scattered and Small", from her album "War Brides". Directed by Aram Kouyoumdjian, Roomtone Productions.


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