Saturday, April 22, 2017

taxes--Saturday April 22, 2017

I left the last income tax to do (again) for today. My brain was fried.
It is misty moisty outside with the dirty rags of clouds all over.
The only noise is that of a car with a muffler blaring as it goes down the street.
I've not yet seen Rebecca after the appointment with Dr. Damant on Tuesday. The birthday party may have to be delayed until Sunday as dad is working today.
I was woken this morning by the thought of the income taxes which are now a splinter in the consciousness. This is the last week of April and so this drama will soon be over.
I will then return to my now normal life of a stay at home mum with a lawsuit.
The lawsuit itself is now in various piles and folders as I had to focus on the taxes.
Eventually I hope to get a job writing somewhere -maybe innocuous technical specifications with no possibility of being sued for writing.
The plants are all thriving except the ones I saved that were on their way out which have folded up their leaves and croaked.
I have deadheaded a few geraniums.
I will go make a cup of tea with honey and wake up. Prep for the taxes and prep for a birthday party will be the day's work. Older boy will soon be here for a quick visit and I have to do housework as well.
But first the tea and a toast.

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