Friday, April 21, 2017

taxes Friday April 20, 2017

The coastline of winter is receding and the pale wisps of spring are appearing.
Yesterday was a good day because I left the bolus of paper that represents the taxes on the kitchen table and did not think of how to do them.
For most citizens taxes are an ordinary business akin to brushing their teeth and washing laundry.
For me it is like a razed landscape with the charred remains of the buildings as mute proof of devastation
Today is Rebecca's birthday but I will leave the birthday stuff for later. Tomorrow perhaps.
Right now I will do the taxes and hopefully not make any more mistakes.
I have been through the entire business once and discovered that I made mistakes so I have to return to younger boy's taxes again to start the futile cycle again. Yesterday I just ordered pizza for younger boy as he was immersed in his own struggles with the projects at NAIT.
Outside the coastline of winter vanishes as does the time for doing my taxes. After taxes are done, I will do the birthday for Rebecca, then get younger boy to plan his schedule for second year at NAIT. We then think about the program in Calgary that is going to be the second step of his independence program. He wants to go to Vancouver Film School while I would prefer he did something at university but we will sort it out.
Outside the coastline of winter is receding, pale ghostly wisps travel on the continent of the park and a shiver of taxes waits inside the house.
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