Monday, April 17, 2017

taxes again

I have left the taxes for today.
My head hurts.
I will do taxes either Tuesday evening after Rebecca's appointment with Dr. Damant or on Wednesday. I have an appointment for dad to get fasting blood work done some time this week. Don't know when. I dropped by VitalAire to get the items that Rebecca needs and gave them to the nurse. I will go tomorrow by lunch time to get Rebecca and go to the College Plaza place.
I talked to the folks at Dr. Climenhaga and dad is #47 for his corneal transplant operation; he also needs to get a complete physical so this needs to be arranged with Dr. Krysa.
Mum should go at the same time for a check.
Outside it is a boil of grey clouds and still snow stuck to the hooves of the trees.
I wish I could write a poem but the taxes have destroyed my brain. I have read all the library books and I am trying to think of the things I have to ask Dr. Damant tomorrow. A list of questions to refer to is important.
I have not touched the lawsuit work again today as the taxes are like an alien force that is spreading tentacles everywhere to absorb all life forms in its vicinity.
I haven't seen mum for ages and she has yet to leave the house. Its important to get her to my house as she will become sessile limpet on the boat of her bed otherwise. Maybe Wednesday.
Supper was fried pyrogies and an assortment of veggies. Younger boy does not look impressed. I cut some cantaloupe as an apology for the poor meal. I will eventually find a better menu for the boy but not until taxes are done and gone over at least ten times before sending to the officials who every year fail my tax returns and find some calculation error in them. Why I don't know. I mean I check the damn things at least ten times.
But let me not get worked up. I will take a bit of time off the taxes. I will focus on the questions for tomorrow like why are her oxygen saturations low? Why is the damn oximetry reading beeping? Is it her anemia? What about her heart???
I will go now.
Here is someone else writing about grey days. But of course she finds the glory in the grey days. I find the taxes.

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